Electric car technology

Style meets efficiency

A man charging a Volkswagen e-Golf

Electric technology

Electric vehicles offer sustainable mobility suitable for reliable daily use and are still fun to drive.

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Charging a hybrid vehicle

Charging electric vehicles

Electric cars don’t require conventional fuel any more. Instead, they need electricity to charge their batteries with energy.

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The Volkswagen e-up outside a shop

Electric motors

Learn about the advanced permanently excited, three phase synchronous motor that powers the e-Up!.

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Electric vehicle batteries

A high-voltage lithium-ion battery is installed in the e-up! which has a high energy and power density as well as high levels of efficiency.

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An electric Volkswagen drives down the road

Recuperation in electric vehicles

Learn about how the drive motor of the e-up! selectively operates as a generator for producing electricity during coasting and braking phases.

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A man charging a Volkswagen e-Golf

Electric car buyers guide

Learn more about buying and financing, or read frequently asked questions, about our electric and hybrid vehicles.

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Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.