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Should you go electric? 

Deciding to switch to an electric car might feel like a big step, but there are plenty of advantages you could benefit from. For example, Government grants and low running costs could save you a small fortune while new technologies mean electric cars can go further than ever before. If you run a business, we have a range of offers to make running an all-electric fleet cheaper and easier. 

Switch and save

When you make the switch to an electric vehicle, the savings can quickly add up. Calculate your total cost of ownership using our useful tool to see how much you could save by driving an electric car.

Volkswagen Car Insurance

With Volkswagen Insurance you can relax and enjoy the drive.

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New to electric?

If you want to discover more about our electric range or are unsure whether an electric car would be right for you, click below.

Volkswagen Lease&Care

Leasing a brand-new electric Volkswagen is easier than you think. Take a look at our Volkswagen Lease&Care finance plan which covers all servicing and car costs in one simple monthly payment.

Servicing your electric car

Our specially trained, fully authorised technicians have all the know-how to keep your electric car healthy. Discover how we service electric cars, the generous warranties covering batteries, and our range of affordable service plans.

Get ready to go electric

Our EV Check app analyses your driving style to tell you whether you’re ready to make the switch. Download the app to get started.

Discover our electric range

Discover our electric range

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Whether it’s the fun and dynamic performance of the eGolf or the class-leading technology found in the ID.3 and ID.4, our electric cars have something for every driver to fall in love with.


If you still have any questions about our electric cars, head over to our FAQs page. Here you’ll find the answers to some of the most common questions drivers have when they are considering whether to make the switch. 

Glossary of electric car terms

Sometimes it can feel like electric cars have a language all their own. Here’s our handy guide to all the electric terminology you need to know.

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