Activating Car‑Net

Find out how to activate your mobile online services via the We Connect app here.

How to activate Car‑Net

Make the day easier with Car‑Net. Here, you’ll find instructions on how to activate Car‑Net online services in your Volkswagen and activate Car‑Net online services.

Want to find out if your vehicle model comes with Car‑Net or We Connect? Try our compatibility checkOpens an external link here. 

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Activating Car‑Net with the We Connect app

To set up Car‑Net via We Connect simply set up a user account. Click below for detailed instructions.

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Activate e-Remote in your e‑up! 

Car‑Net e-Remote offers easy access to the key functions of your e‑up! Find out how to activate e-Remote online services in your e‑up! in our step-by-step guide.


Connecting to the internet in your car

To access Car‑Net's features you'll need an internet connection in your Volkswagen as well as an active Car‑Net account. Watch the video below for more information or download the instructions to read through at your own pace.

Get in touch with us

Get in touch with us

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Any questions, ideas or feedback?

Then give us a call. Contact us on 0800 – 279 750 8Opens a phone link (free from all UK networks). We’re available around the clock. If your telephone provider does not support this number, please call + 44 (0) 1908 – 813 700Opens a phone link. The costs are based on the relevant rate charged by your provider. In the case of calls from abroad, roaming charges may apply.

You can also send an email to:
weconnect-support@volkswagen.deOpens a mail link

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