Two Passat GTE models parked over a waterway.


All of our technology explained


Award-winning TSI petrol engines and responsive, efficient, and quiet TDI diesel engines.

Engines overview

Electric and hybrid cars

We've packed four decade of innovation in electric technology into our electric and hybrid cars. Find out about how we're changing the future driving.

Electric & Hybrid overview

Transmissions & drivetrains

Whatever your driving style, you'll find a transmission and drivetrain to suit you.

Transmissions & drivetrains overview

Car safety

At Volkswagen we take your safety very seriously.

Car safety overview

Driver assistance

Technologies that take the hard work out of driving.

Driver assistance overview

Comfort and convenience

A more relaxing way to drive.

Comfort & convenience overview

Volkswagen connected services

Volkswagen offers a range of connected services so you can drive smarter. From infotainment to navigation, our services keep you connected and safe out on the road.

Connected services overview

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