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Radio and navigation

Our range of navigation systems will help you find your way quickly and easily while also letting you listen to your choice of music en route.With clear colour screens and touch-screen operation, they are simple to use and easy to follow. Some systems are voice controlled and you can even choose to watch films on the DVD drive once your car is stationary.

Our Discover Navigation and Discover Navigation Pro systems also allow you to connect to the internet via your smartphone’s WIFI hotspot to access up to the minute traffic information, fuel price information as well as many other services. Enjoy crystal clear sound with DAB radio.1


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Infotainment systems

Volkswagen lets you choose from a range of sophisticated options - from the crystal clear sound of DAB digital radio to the superb Dynaudio and Monsoon sound systems. 

Our Discover Navigation Systems



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Other Navigation and Infotainment Systems

You may find our range of navigation and infotainment systems in your used car.

Our RNS nav systems

Maps & more

Composition media

Our RCD models

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Premium audio

Our top-of-the-range sound systems.

Harman Kardon

beats audio


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Device connectivity

Make hands-free calls, safely and easily, while you're driving. Our systems are compatible with most HFP handsets.

Device connectivity

Media Control