Top view of four blue and three white VW hybrid models on a sunny waterfront.

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Our hybrid drives: as diverse as the demands of day-to-day life

With a plug-in hybrid or mild hybrid: electrifying our drives is an important step along the path toward CO2-neutral mobility for everyone. While a plug-in hybrid also enables purely electric driving over some distances thanks to the combination of the electric motor and petrol engine, the mild hybrid optimises the efficiency of the petrol engine with a 48V system. For you, this means:

  • Greater performance, driving comfort and more fun when driving off thanks to electric assistance
  • Practical electric ranges with our eHybrids for day-to-day use
  • Brake energy recuperation and driving with the TSI switched off thanks to the coasting function with our mild hybrid engines.

Find the drive that suits you best

Top view of four blue and three white VW hybrid models on a sunny waterfront.

Diverse efficiency: our plug-in hybrids

Discover the diversity of our vast range of hybrid models and enjoy the benefits of electro-mobility on a daily basis, without having to forego the performance of a petrol engine.

A VW Golf GTE charges at a wallbox in front of a modern façade.

Driving pleasure as standard: the Golf GTE

A powerful plug-in hybrid with an impressive short-term 180 kW (245 bhp) system performance for true driving pleasure.

A VW Tiguan eHybrid charges at a wallbox in front of a modern façade.

Efficient travel: the Tiguan eHybrid

A powerful plug-in hybrid which optimally balances the performance of the two motors to ensure outstanding efficiency on every journey thanks to the hybrid mode.

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Would you like to try our hybrid models for yourself? Just suggest your preferred time for a test drive. Your local dealership will unite you with your Volkswagen.

Good reasons to choose a hybrid


More power with more driving pleasure

A hybrid combines the best of both worlds. The Touareg R eHybrid is an uniquely dynamic opportunity when it combines the performance of both systems to deliver maximum system performance of 340 kW (462 bhp). This alone creates a breath-taking experience of power when driving off. In other words: twice the driving pleasure with electric boost.


A hybrid takes you further

A plug-in hybrid gives you confidence on longer journeys. With daily charging, you can drive average day-to-day distances purely electrically. Over long distances, the automatic adaptation of the drive systems optimises the range and efficiency.

A young couple plays with their little daughter around the VW Passat GTE Estate parked in the driveway.

Together for more sustainability

Electric mobility is a great leap forward on the path toward creating a smaller CO2 footprint. Through the efficient use of renewable energy, for example, and by reducing CO2 emissions on the road. That is why we offer innovative plug-in hybrids for the switch to electric mobility. These models enable CO2-free local driving in electric mode for the average day-to-day needs. Proving that everyone can make a contribution in their own way. 


Intelligent charging concept, more flexibility 

Start the day the fully electric way: with sport before work and then home for dinner without stopping to refuel. No problem with a plug-in hybrid. You can recharge its lithium-ion battery from the comfort of home using either a wall box charger or even a conventional electrical socket. This provides you with greater day-to-day flexibility.  

Our hybrid drives at a glance

Volkswagen hybrid model comparison

Volkswagen hybrid model comparison

A line up of 3 VW eHybrid models

Whether a sporty SUV or a flexible estate – with the Volkswagen hybrid range you will find the perfect model for your precise needs. See below the range of our hybrid drives.

Sportiness and efficiency in one

With its fusion of electric motor and TSI, it puts 150 kW (204 bhp) on the road.

City, country, work: Daily mobility with a hybrid drive

Our hybrid technologies finally make more sustainable mobility available to everyone. And so flexible that they are a perfect match for you. Or for your family. Or for your job. 


Innovative hybrid drives as varied as life itself

A woman stands with her dog in front of a loading VW Touareg eHybrid.

Practical experience beats pure configuration

Helena commutes between Milton Keynes and Northampton. She wants this journey to be more relaxed but above all, more cost effective. That is why she wants to switch to a plug-in hybrid. It is important that she has enough electric range for the drive to work, where she can recharge the battery. However, it is just as important that she has enough space for her dog, Paul. Now she is looking forward to comparing the models. Not just on her couch but also live during a test drive.

A smiling woman sits in the driver's seat of a VW Tiguan eHybrid and holds her left hand on the steering wheel.

A friend of the family

Simone lives with her family in a rural suburb near Düsseldorf. To make driving the children to their grandparents near Cologne more efficient, the family has switched to a Tiguan eHybrid and uses Volkswagen green electricity. They can not only drive up to 50 km using pure electric power but also CO2-free locally. Plus, the Tiguan provides plenty of space for both toys and happy passengers on the back seat thanks to the GTE mode. During the long drives on vacation, Simone can always rely on her TSI petrol engine.

A loading VW Golf GTE behind the gash of a man who is just moving away from the vehicle.

Clean throughout Berlin

Mika lives in Berlin. He loves innovative technology and also values a sporty and sustainable lifestyle. Reliability and efficiency are also highly important to him. That is why he chose a Golf GTE. With its powerful hybrid drive, the journey to work is not only more economical but also more fun. Because it combines the almost silent and locally CO2-free electric motor with a 1.4 l TSI direct petrol injection engine for twice the power with low fuel consumption.

Hybrid concepts

The front view of Volkswagens concept hybrid XL1 Sport

Our hybrid concept cars are created to set new standards and push the boundaries of what is possible through the combined power of electric and petrol engines.

Simply recharge. At home and on the road. 

ID. Charger and We Charge

ID. Charger and We Charge

A man leans against a wall next to an ID. Charger.

The new Volkswagen ID. Charger is intelligent, efficient and innovative. Discover a truly modern way to recharge available during 2022.

Pod Point is currently our recommended provider.
As our recommended wall box supplier, Pod Point, can help you choose a charging unit and even guide you through the process of applying for a grant. You may be also eligible for the Home Grant Scheme2 (up to £350 towards the installation of a home wall box).

We Charge makes charging your electric Volkswagen easy. At home with your wallbox and on the go at over 200,000 public charge points in Europe. All with just a card. All in one app.

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