Children playing games watched by their parents with the ID.Buzz parked behind them

The new ID. Buzz

Fully electric, fully connected, completely reimagined.

Fully electric, fully connected, completely reimagined.

Top Gear Electric Awards 2022

We’re excited to announce that our new ID. Buzz has been crowned the Electric Car of the Year at this year’s Top Gear Electric Awards. The judges praised the vehicle for an iconic design, spacious interior and driving capabilities.

A new Volkswagen generation

We're bringing back an iconic design with the all-electric ID. Buzz. State-of-the-art technologies and a flexible space concept provide mobile comfort that sets new standards. 

The ID.Buzz parked on a driveway with a father and son approaching the house

Design: Revolution not evolution

We had the unique opportunity to reinvent the legendary T1. And we seized it with the ID. Buzz. To bring its iconic design into the age of electric mobility, we have reinterpreted it with the characteristic design DNA of the ID. models. A style-defining feature is the flowing silhouette with its flat and elongated roof line, running from front to rear. Compact proportions and a small turning circle ensure great everyday usability, allowing the ID. Buzz to manoeuvre dynamically through the streets despite its dimensions.

A brother and sister sat on the back seat of an ID.Buzz playing on an electronic device

Sustainability: a great idea down to the last detail

We've reimagined the ID. Buzz from the ground up; not only to be all-electric but also sustainable. How? Instead of traditional animal leather, the seat covers and interior headlining are constructed from recycled materials. A true reflection of our commitment to producing sustainable products.

The front dashboard and steering wheel of an ID.Buzz showing centre console bottle storage

Space concept and technology: freedom reconnected

The powerful electric drive technology makes room for a whole new use of the space. And some of our most advanced technologies are also at work in the spacious interior of the ID. Buzz. For example, the innovative ID. Light, which communicates visually with the driver. Or over-the-air updates, that allow you to update features and functions. Via Car2X communication, the ID. Buzz can also receive real-time traffic-related information. With over 30 assistance systems available, the ID.Buzz is taking a big step towards semi-automated driving.

The ID. Buzz Cargo

The ID. Buzz Cargo will permanently change your commercial mobility. 

A lady sat in the drivers seat of an ID.Buzz Cargo showing the front dashboard and steering

Transporter of the future

With the ID. Buzz Cargo, you also benefit from the advantages of cost-effective electromobility at work. The loading area concept, specially tailored to commercial requirements with lots of space, is just one of its strengths.

News about the new ID. Buzz: stay up to date

News about the new ID. Buzz: stay up to date

A front shot of an ID.Buzz and ID.Buzz Cargo parked in-front of a building

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The ID. Buzz will be available to order through our participating Volkswagen Retailers and Van Centres.

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