What you need to use Car‑Net

What you need

An image of the Car-Net navigation system that goes on to the car dashboard

To be able to use Guide & Inform Car‑Net services, your Volkswagen must have a navigation system. This includes “Discover Media” and “Discover Pro”, as well as Innovision Cockpit, available for the Touareg.

However, for Car‑Net’s “Security & Service service package, you only need the Emergency Call Service, which, like “App-Connect”, you can use without restriction with the “Composition Media” radio.

You can control many services using your smartphone with the Volkswagen app. When combined with the infotainment system, it can also enable the Internet access you need to use Car‑Net. In addition, some services require certain technical components in the vehicle. For example, you will need an anti-theft alarm to use the “Online Anti-Theft Alarm” service

You can obtain various service packages via the Volkswagen app or your own personal myVolkswagen customer area (if you did not already do so when you bought your vehicle), depending on your vehicle. If your vehicle meets the technical requirements, you need a Volkswagen ID user account, which can be set up in a few simple steps.

-”Discover Media”, “Discover Pro” or “Discover Premium” navigation system

-”Composition Media” radio system (limited)

-Android™ smartphone or iPhone® with Internet access

-Car‑Net service bundle

-Volkswagen ID user account

Log into the myVolkswagen user area

In order to be able to easily use the mobile online services from anywhere, log into the myVolkswagen user area or the Volkswagen app with your Volkswagen ID and register with your vehicle. If you have not yet set up a Volkswagen ID, you will be taken step by step through the registration process.

Use with the Volkswagen app and myVolkswagen

Man sitting  in a Volkswagen looking at his phone

After you have registered, you can access selected functions of the Car‑Net services in your myVolkswagen customer area or using the Volkswagen app on your mobile device and control them from there. Download the app here:

Download in the App StoreOpens an external link

Download from Google PlayOpens an external link

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