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Charging and range

Electric cars are now a serious alternative to conventional engines for all your driving needs, no matter the distance. And it’s never been easier to charge at home, at work or on the road.

How to charge your electric car

Our simple guide to charging your electric car, including the different types of connector, cables and charge points available for you to use.

How far your electric car can go

Electric cars can now cover all of your driving needs, from short runs and commuting to long distance trips. Explore some of the smart technology we’ve developed to help you go even further.

Where to charge your electric car

There are now more electric charging stations in the UK than petrol stations. It’s never been easier to charge at home, at work, at the shops or on the road.

Paying for charging

Our guide to the different ways you can pay for charging, including app and card payments, free charging and, in the near future, your Volkswagen handling payments for you.

Charging your electric car at home

It’s the most convenient way to charge your electric car. Discover how we can make it easier and cheaper for you to install a charging point at home thanks to our partners.

The ID. Charger - charge smarter

The new Volkswagen ID. Charger is intelligent, efficient and innovative. Discover a truly modern way to charge.

Guide to the best charging apps

The easiest way to find your nearest charge point is with an app on your smartphone. Here’s our guide to the best charging apps out there.

E-fuel everywhere you go - with We Charge

We Charge makes charging your electric Volkswagen easy. At home with your wallbox and on the go at over 150,000 public charge points in Europe. All with just one card. All in one app.

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