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Current Affairs: the latest news on everything electric

We’ve put together a selection of interesting articles for you about electric driving. We hope you have fun browsing, reading, and discovering a whole new world of mobility.

Installing your wallbox charger

Things to consider when installing a wallbox

Installing a wallbox at home allows you to charge conveniently and economically. Discover all you need to know about who’ll install your charging station and what you need to consider in advance.

A wallbox for rented flats: how to plan your installation

You don’t need to be a homeowner to install an electric charge point. Here you’ll learn all you and your landlord need to know about wallboxes and home charging.

Let’s talk range...

EV Route Planner

For most day-to-day journeys you’ll be able to charge from home. For longer journeys you may need to re-charge en route. The EV Route planner will plan your route, ensuring there’s always a charge point when you need one.

Power consumption and range

Electric vehicles have nothing to hide when it comes to power and range. Here we’ll uncover a few truths around the issues of energy consumption and distance.

What's going on inside your electric vehicle?

What kind of motor does an electric car have?

Discover more about the driving force inside electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The power of positivity: Voltage explained.

Find out more about voltage and the current that flows through electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Ways to own your electric vehicle

Used electric cars: what you need to know

Used electric vehicles can be a good option, however there are a few things you need to consider when looking to buy.

What’s the right battery size for your electric car?

With batteries, biggest isn't always best. Many factors play a part when deciding on the right battery size.

For the climate conscious driver

Climate conscious travelling: on the road with an electric camper

Fancy a holiday in an all-electric campervan? Find out how you can enjoy camping with an electric vehicle, and how the ID.Buzz, and the soon to be, ID.California are leading the way.

The carbon footprint of electric cars

How climate-friendly are electric cars? Find out the real impact electric vehicles have on the environment, and how they measure up to their petrol and diesel counterparts.

Electric cars as electricity storage

What if the car of the future didn’t just drive with a battery, it became one? How electric vehicles could solve the problem of energy storage.