Driving mode selection on a dashboard

Driving Profile Selection

Driving Profile Selection enables you to choose different settings that will change both your car’s performance and your driving experience – all at the push of a button1.

You can quickly and easily select one of the available driving modes using the touchscreen and change between normal, comfortable, sporty, off-road, individual or eco style. So depending on what type of driver you are and your driving situation, you’ll be able to tailor the car to your requirements.

Want to drive in a more environmentally friendly way with less fuel consumption and emissions? Eco driving mode helps you do just that by optimising your engine and gearbox performance to save fuel. And it even reduces your air conditioning’s power consumption too.

You can also set your car up for a sportier ride. Sports mode modifies the steering torque and produces a faster response with the accelerator pedal, steering and front lighting system. It also activates the seat belt tensioners and switches the dual-clutch gearbox DSG to “S” position.

Individual mode let’s you customise settings according to your own preferences. So you can tweak things like steering and accelerator pedal response, dynamic cornering lights and adaptive cruise control.

Or for long distance driving you can enjoy your journey in maximum comfort mode.

For more information watch our Driver Profile Selection videoOpens an external link