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Are there any hidden charges/payments?

Absolutely not. You only pay for what you get and nothing more.

Why do I need to cut out the middle man?

Volkswagen Local Business Leasing can offer you expertise, knowledge and competitive finance rates. So if you buy direct from us, our specialists can advise you on the best vehicles and finance to suit your business needs.

What service levels do you provide?

As you'd expect from Volkswagen, you'll receive excellent sales support and after sales care. That's one of the benefits of dealing directly with us.

How long before I can collect my car?

This will depend on stock availability and factory timings. Once you've selected your car, your retailer will be able to inform you as soon as it's ready.

Will you match a price I've been quoted elsewhere?

We'll always offer you extremely competitive prices, especially when you're dealing directly with us. However, you can discuss prices further with your retailer, who may be able to offer some flexibility.

Where can I find information about a specific car?

For more information on all our cars, please visit www.volkswagen.co.uk/new

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