A classic, electrically remastered.  

The Golf has been setting the benchmark for hatchbacks since 1974.
Say hello to the next generation.

Take a closer look at the e-Golf

Five reasons to go electric

Economical to run

The e-Golf costs 4p per mile versus 14p petrol equivalent.

Brilliant to drive

Quiet and spacious, with electric acceleration.

Plenty of range

144 miles WLTP tested range. That's London to Brighton and back.

Easy to maintain

Simple. Clean. Dependable. Servicing at all Volkswagen garages.

Built by Volkswagen

New technology, same pedigree. Quality you can trust.


Everything you love about the Golf on the outside. Everything you'll love about the e-Golf on the inside.

Instantly recognisable

The e-Golf retains the classic styling of the Golf, with its own electric twist. LED headlights, C-shaped running lights and signature blue flash across the front grille.

There when you need it

The e-Golf features the full suite of Volkswagen driver assistance, including Adaptive Cruise Control, Front Assist, Blind Spot Sensor, Park Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and Emergency Assist to bring the car to a controlled stop if you are unable to.


Exceptional comfort for an exceptional car

High-spec tech. Total comfort.

The e-Golf provides for comfort, convenience and style. The cabin is climate controlled and the fully adjustable front seats offer lumber support as standard. Also available in leather.

The e-Golf's Car Net Mirrorlink system makes your Android and Apple entertainment apps available on your dashboard, while the Active Info Display delivers navigation instructions in the driver's eyeline, directly behind the steering wheel.

How does the e-Golf compare?

e-Golf makes a buzz.

But only in the motoring press. Volkswagen’s new pure electric hatchback has been receiving the sort of reviews you might expect for a Volkswagen.

What Car? quote
Easy as 1, 2, 3.

The e-Golf is much simpler to maintain than a petrol or diesel car. There are just three components in the entire drivetrain and far fewer moving parts. Electric servicing is already available at all Volkswagen retailers.

Diagram explaining how simple it is to maintain an e-golf
0-80% in 45 mins.

That’s how long it takes to charge your new e-Golf using a rapid charger. And unlike petrol and diesel cars, you don’t have to be there while it fills up, so you can go and do something more interesting instead.

Diagram demonstrating how quick it is to charge an e-Golf
Charging everywhere

ZapMaps recently confirmed there are now more charging stations in the UK than filling stations. Charging your e-Golf will be like charging your smartphone. Just plug in to top up your charge wherever you are. Easy.

Diagram explaining how easy it is to charge your e-Golf
Fill up for a fiver.

This is how much it costs to fill up your new e-Golf, all the way from empty to full. (Home charging based on a typical cost of 14p/KWh.)

Diagram showing how economical it is to charge an e-Golf
London to Brighton. And back.

This is how far you can go without recharging your new e-Golf. That’s one charge every 5 days for the average driver doing 25 miles a day. (144 miles WLTP tested range.)

Diagram showing how far you can drive without recharging your e-Golf
Cleaner getaway.

Your new e-Golf doesn’t produce tailpipe emissions. In fact, it doesn’t even have a tailpipe.

Diagram showing how the e-golf doesn't produce emissions
The wait is over.

Unlike petrol and diesel, there’s no lag between pressing the accelerator of your new e-Golf and actually accelerating. Experience the thrill of electric. Drive the e-Golf.

Diagram explaining how there's no lag with accelerating

e-Golf finance offer

0% APR representative

£750 towards your deposit with Solutions Personal Contract Plan

Retail cash price includes £3,500 grant from the government for a plug-in car 

Available on e-Golf only.

15% customer deposit required. 18s+. Subject to status & availability. T&Cs apply. Freepost Volkswagen Financial Services.

Help me choose

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Perfect match

A simple tool to help you find your perfect Volkswagen

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Choose from 8 models and 22 engines.

Fleet and company cars

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Fleet and company cars

Volkswagen has the one of the widest range of vehicles on the market, so it’s simple for you to find the perfect car for your business.

White Volkswagen e-Golf driving near a city river, with a pedestrian walking their dog alongside.

Company car tax calculator

Helping you run a cost-effective fleet.

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Reviews and awards

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“The Golf succeeds because it works brilliantly as an electric car yet it doesn’t compromise on practicality, equipment, or driving dynamics.”

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