RNS 810

Find your way easily when driving on and off the road

An image of the RNS 810 in a Volkswagen

The RNS 810 DVD satellite navigation/radio system is our most powerful navigation system with the latest multimedia technology to guide you to your destination safely and easily using preloaded navigation data on the 30 GB hard drive. A clear eight-inch touch-screen colour display and integrated voice control, it’s designed to make your journey more relaxed. The touch-screen allows for easy access to the infotainment system, allowing you to select music and even play DVDs when stationary.

The integrated DVD drive allows you to play videos, or music via the six CD autochanger, SD card reader or the 30 GB hard drive, using audio files, MP3 or WMA formats. Stay in touch safely while you’re on the move, thanks to our standard telephone connection, a state-of-the-art communications unit with Bluetooth* wireless technology rSAP (remote SIM Access Profile) and HFP (Hands Free Profile). Each element is activated by voice recognition or via the infotainment system. Please contact your authorised Volkswagen retailer for specific phone compatibility.

All Europe on the map

With pre-installed map data for the whole of Europe you can feel confident of finding your way easily, however far you're going. The display has both 2D and 3D options. The 3D map has a plastic elevation model and 3D city model for building silhouettes plus a detailed display of important structures for easy recognition. It also displays speed limits. You can use the voice control function for both the navigation system and in-car entertainment through the multifunction steering wheel.

Easy commands

The system identifies names of places and streets with a new 'one-shot full word input' function, which means you can command it to find a street and town in combination. If you go off road the navigation screen has a compass and altimeter to help plot your route.

Satellite navigation updates

The satellite navigation systems installed in the Volkswagen vehicles will need updating periodically. The update process is simple and relatively quick* depending on the system fitted to your vehicle. Pop along to your local retailer and enjoy a coffee whilst we update your navigation system.

* Navigation updates are available on SD cards, DVD’s or updated via the workshop equipment. Update process and time will vary depending on the system fitted to your vehicle.

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.

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