Questions answered simply 

Can an electric vehicle burn? Is charging safe in the rain? And what has to be taken into account when towing? Many questions relating to safety come up when talking about electric mobility. You will find the answers here. 

Illustration of an ID.3 car charging using the Elli Wallbox

Safety rules when dealing with a high-voltage system

Illustration of a fire fighter standng in front of a Volkswagen ID.3.

Safety measures when charging

Illustration of a Volkswagen ID.3 standing in the rain being charged as a person walks past it.

Flammability of an electric vehicle and extinguishing methods

There is a water hose in front of a parked Volkswagen ID.3.

Health risks

A parked ID.3 at a charging station with a lady going past on her skateboard.

Safety during breakdowns and accidents

There is a warning triangle in front of a Volkswagen ID.3 with a man on the phone behind him.

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