The new way to navigate: the augmented reality head-up display

Our ID. range is fitted with innovative and intuitive navigation systems via the optional augmented reality head-up display. The head-up display shows you vital information directly in your field of vision.

An illustration of a person driving a VW ID model with AR head-up display activated

Technology to change the way we drive

The augmented reality head-up display is a piece of technology that projects text, images, and even 3D animations onto the windscreen. It allows you to easily glance at useful information and warning signs allowing you to respond more quickly to changing situations on the road.


Transform your windscreen

The information is displayed on two image planes, one at close range for static 2D information and another long-range one for dynamic 3D displays. Your windscreen will display your route using arrows on the road 10 metres ahead while warning signals for things like speed limits will also be clearly shown. 

An illustration of the internal workings of AR head-up display on a VW ID. model

How it works

The technology that drives the augmented reality head-up display is installed deep within the dashboard. It generates rays that are transmitted from an LCD display and onto two mirrors found on the windscreen. 

To ensure information is shown at the correct distance, one of the car’s two central computers calculates the precise placement of each piece of data. Finally, the augmented reality depictions are stabilised and adjusted to give you total sight of each symbol and piece of text. 


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