Living billboard at night showing motif of ID.4 headlight design illuminated

Volkswagen creates one-of-a-kind living billboard

Volkswagen creates one-of-a-kind living billboard

To help raise awareness of our new all-electric ID. family, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind living billboard on Prince Street in Manchester. Measuring 12x3 metres and made entirely from different types of moss, the billboard uses power generated by wind and sun to capture harmful carbon dioxide.

The different types of moss have been used to create the outline of the all-electric ID.4 SUV. The billboard has also been fitted with solar panels as well as four mini wind turbines which will power the lightbulbs that help create the outline of the ID.4.

It took a team around 160 hours to create the billboard and once on site it took eight hours to build. Now that it’s built it will also need to be looked after and watered periodically during its four-week run.

Sarah Cox, head of marketing at Volkswagen, said Volkswagen is committed to delivering a range of net carbon-neutral cars to market and we’re delighted the ID.4 is now available in the UK.

“We thought a fun way to highlight the car’s green credentials was to create a unique advertising board powered by wind and solar energy, that not only has a powerful image but is net carbon-neutral too.”


The all-electric ID.4 is the latest addition to the ID. family. It has an impressive 322-mile range and was recently crowned World Car of the Year. Discover more about the ID.4Opens an external link or book a test driveOpens an external link today.

The ID. family is built at our Zwickau, Germany plant, which is powered by renewable energy. Many of the third parties we source our parts through also use green energy.

While we strive to make as much of our process carbon-neutral, certain steps such as shipping inevitably release carbon into the atmosphere. However, we are offsetting this by working with climate protection projects in places like the rainforests of Borneo.

the all-electric ID.4 in the countryside
Blue VW ID.4 parked plugged into a charger

We hope our living billboard will help raise awareness of the new, greener way to drive. And alongside our green initiatives and partnerships, we also hope to open the possibilities of electric, sustainable driving to all.

Billboard made up of moss and greenery with VW ID.4 headlight design

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