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ID. software 3.0 Over-the-Air update

Now ready: the next software update for your ID.  


With ID. software 3.0 Volkswagen provides you with new  features and improvements free of charge. Many of these improvements are based on the feedback and ideas of the customers.

Has your ID. already received the new 12 volt battery and ID. software 2.4 from your Volkswagen Retailer? Then now you are ready to receive the next big update, ID. software 3.0.

Please note a reset to previous software versions is not possible.

  • Why install the 3.0 update?

    Software updates provide new features and optimisations to your ID. and keep it up to date with the latest digital developments from Volkswagen. With this update, you benefit from new functions and applications – simply Over-the-Air.

  • How do I get the update?

    The requirements for receiving ID. software 3.0 Over-the-Air are an active We Connect Start contract, a Volkswagen ID user account and the installation of  ID. software 2.4 on your vehicle.

One update, two parts

A visualisation of the phases of the Over-the-Air update

The ID. software 3.0 update consists of two parts. In order to receive the full benefits of ID. software 3.0 please install part 1 and part 2 of the update. With Over-the-Air updates you can update your ID. at a time that fits for you. Please also carefully read the instructions provided in the “Release Notes” for each part of the update – these are displayed in the infotainment system of the ID.

Is your ID. in “Online mode”?

Does “Online mode” mean I am sending or sharing my location data?


ID. software 3.0 – at a glance

Here you will find an overview of what is updated with ID. software 3.0 and how to carry out the update. Detailed information, and tutorial films can be accessed by using the provided link under each section.

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What is being updated with 3.0?

Here you will find detailed information, photos and tutorial films about what the software update contains.

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How can I install the 3.0 update?

Here you will find detailed step-by-step instructions for how to install part 1 and part 2 of the 3.0 update.

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Have questions about the update?

If you have questions about the update, please have a look at the frequently asked questions section.

ID. software 3.0 – what’s updated?  

Prerequisite for the software 3.0 update:

ID. software 2.4

Prerequisite for the software 3.0 update:

ID. software 2.4

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Find out more about the 12 volt battery exchange with ID. software 2.4 update service campaign. This service campaign needs to be completed at your preferred Volkswagen Retailer location before you can install ID. software 3.0.

To find out more about what is being updated and how to make an appointment with your preferred Volkswagen Retailer, click on the button.

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What does ID. software 3.0 contain?

The ID. software 3.0 Over-the-Air update brings many advantages free of charge. For more information about the update, click on the links below:

More about Optimised charging and energy management
More about Improved navigation
More about Comfort
More about Voice control
More about In-Car Apps and Functions
More about Mobile Online Services

Optimised charging and energy management

Comfort and time savings with shorter charging stops.

With ID. software 3.0, the high-voltage battery charging performance is improved and a time saving is achieved.