A customer about to press the SOS button on their VW

Information for emergency responders

Information for emergency responders

Read below to discover more information and advice for emergency services, first responders / attenders. Follow the links for detailed information on all Volkswagen models.

Rescue data sheets

We’ve put together a collection of rescue data sheets which tell you exactly what to do in emergency situations, including when dealing with high voltage equipment.

The material contained within this section details information for first attenders when faced with one of the Volkswagen range of electric or hybrid vehicles, where the high voltage system integrity may have been compromised following an accident or incident.

Individual vehicle rescue cardsOpens an external link

Watch our first responder rescue information video for Volkswagen High Voltage vehiclesOpens an external link

This information is meant for professional services only. Further information can be found in the owner's manual and at Erwin.volkswagen.deOpens an external link or by contacting our customer service centre on 0800 0833 914

Guidance for recovery operatorsOpens an external link

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