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ID. software update 2.1

Software update for your ID. now available

Now available: the update for your ID.! Please visit us so we can update the software of your vehicle. Find additional information here as well as the relevant next steps.

Your next steps

If your  Retailer has  already contacted you then you do not need to take any further action. If you haven’t already arranged the update , find your next steps here:

  1. Arrange an appointment at your Volkswagen Retailer. As the update is likely to take 2 days, your chosen Retailer will be able to provide alternative transport if required.

  2. You will be contacted by your Volkswagen Retailer as soon as the software update is finished and your vehicle is ready to be picked up.
  3. Please share your feedback about your service experience by answering the short survey that will be sent to your email address following your software update.
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What additional functionality does the Software update provide?

In addition to the promised App Connect (across all ID. trim levels) and the augmented reality Head-up-Display, the ID.update will also provide your ID. with these additional functions:

Do you already have the ID. software 2.1? 

Do you already have the ID. software 2.1? 

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Then you can perform the online update to the software version 2.3 now. There’s no need to go to the workshop for this update. How does it work? Find out here

Update process 

Here, we’ll provide an overview of the process at your Volkswagen Retailer and what to expect.

Questions and answers at a glance 

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Do you still have questions?

You’ve already been contacted for the software update or you have some questions? Please contact our customer services team or your Volkswagen Retailer directly

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