A service employee hands over the keys of a VW ID. to the owner of the car and his daughter

ID. software 2.4 update

Available now for your ID. – a new 12 volt battery and the newest ID. software 2.4

ID. software 2.4 update

ID. software 2.4 update

A VW service employee with a tablet in his hand leans against a VW car

The new ID. software 2.4 comes with a new 12 volt battery. This service is free of charge. With this update, you benefit from reduced energy consumption via optimised thermal management.

What is included in the ID. software 2.4 and the new battery?

Improved battery for your ID.

Your ID. will be equipped with a new, technologically improved 12 volt battery. Thanks to lower internal resistance and improved electrolyte behavior, this battery is even more robust and has a longer service life.

A service employee with a tablet in her hand sits in the passenger seat of a VW car

Execution of the software updates

The contents of this software update are part of the ID. software 3.2 update. It is carried out by a Volkswagen Retailer in the workshop. Further information is available on the ID. software 3.2 update page.

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