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ID. software 3.1 update

With the 3.1 software, Volkswagen is providing new functions and improvements to promote comfort and save time during use. 

ID. software 3.1 update

With this update, your ID. model will receive a number of new features and improvements, especially in the area of charging, which can bring you more convenience. This update is free of charge for you. Many of these improvements are based on customer feedback and requests. 

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What is included in the ID. software 3.1?

Plug & Charge 

The "Plug & Charge" function now makes charging even easier: If activated, your ID. can authenticate itself at public charging stations and start the charging process automatically once the charging cable is plugged into the car without the need to scan a charging card.
To use the function at a compatible charging station, you need a charging plan, such as We Charge Go or We Charge Plus from Volkswagen Group Charging GmbH (Elli), which supports "Plug & Charge". After charging is completed, billing is automatically carried out based on the stored charging rate plan. Active "Plug & Charge" via the Volkswagen App and in the charging settings of your vehicle.

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Execution of the software updates

The contents of this software update are part of the ID. software 3.2 update. It is carried out by a Volkswagen Retailer in the workshop. Further information is available on the ID. software 3.2 update page.

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