Diesel particulate filter

An amber diesel particulate filter light means that action is required

Amber - Diesel particulate filter symbol

Roadside assistance: 0800 777 192

1) How many warning lights are on?

One: go to step 2

More than one: Please contact roadside assistance on 0800 777 192

2. Is the fuel low warning light on?

Yes: The light is on. Refuel the vehicle and go to step 3.

No: The light is not on. Go to step 3.

3. Drive at least 60Km/hr @ engine speed between 1800-2500rpm, at least 15 minutes until light goes out. (Automatic; Select Sport) Did the light go out?

Yes: The light did go out. Filter successfully regenerated.

No: Go to step 4.

4. Can you take the vehicle to your closest authorised repairer?

Yes: If you can take your vehicle, drive safely.

No: If you cant take your vehicle, please contact roadside assistance on 0800 777 192