Fault in the lane change system

An amber fault in the lane change system light means that action is required

Amber fault in the lane change system warning light

Roadside assistance: 0800 777 192

The indicator lamp lights up amber.

The amber central warning lamp also lights up.

  • Go to a qualified workshop.
    No sensor visibility, fault message, system switches itself off.
  • Clean radar sensors or remove stickers or accessories from radar sensors.
  • Check for any visible damage.
  • The system is not responding as expected.
  • The radar sensors are dirty.
  • The sensor visibility may be impaired by dirt and snow or also residue from cleaning agents or coatings.
  • The general conditions for system operation have not been met.
  • The radar sensors are covered by water.
  • The vehicle is damaged in the area of the radar sensors, e.g. caused by parking collisions.
  • The detection ranges of the radar sensors are blocked by add-on parts, e.g. bicycle carriers.
  • Changes have been made to the paintwork in the area of the radar sensors or structural modifications have been made, e.g. on the vehicle front end or the running gear.
  • The side windows have been retrofitted with tinted window films.