Volkswagen Community Guidelines

Our social media channels are the best place to find out about all the latest Volkswagen news and products and to share your thoughts, pictures and videos.

We strive to create an open and transparent space for our community to engage; we will, however, remove posts that aren’t related to Volkswagen and/or violate the Terms and Conditions of Facebook. We have provided more detail on these guidelines and our moderation policy, below.


  • Make sure you don't post any personal information, including specific information on your car, telephone numbers or address information
  • Please don't post anything that's offensive, abusive, deceptive, defamatory, obscene, menacing, illegal, fraudulent, misleading, threatening, racist, sexist, or in any way discriminatory
  • Please don't post any adverts, spam or links to irrelevant websites
  • Please don’t post any commercial solicitations
  • Keep it relevant - if you post something that is off-topic, then it may be removed


If contributors persistently ignore our community guidelines, we will seriously consider having posting privileges on our social media channels withdrawn.

We want to maintain an open and transparent conversation across our channels, but if the nature of your content infringes on the over-arching experience for our fans and followers we reserve the right to take action to mitigate against this happening. One of our customer service team may be in touch if an issue comes up in relation to our community guidelines.

We will, when necessary, remove comments from our social media content.

If a response to a Volkswagen UK social media post or a comment published on the community section of our Facebook page is perceived as breaching the community guidelines set out above, then it will be removed by the community moderation team, which will be carried out in the interests of maintaining the community standards appropriate for the vast majority of the people who visit.