Modes that help you get the most from every drive

The technology in our range of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles allows you to pick between driving modes to tailor their journey for maximum comfort, maximum power output, or maximum range.

For the e-Golf and e-up!, there are three driving modes to choose from: ECO+, ECO and Normal mode. You can select your driving mode based on how long your journey is and whether you want to use additional features like air conditioning and heating. Read our handy guide to know how each mode affects your journey.

The GTE models have even more flexibility, with five different modes to help you make the most of your drive. You can switch between pure petrol and pure electric, and use the other modes to combine both engines, giving you the ultimate in flexible hybrid capabilities. Read more about how GTE modes help you get the most from every journey.


Save power by controlling the air conditioning

When it comes to conserving electricity, the heater and air-conditioning systems can make a big difference. They may excel at keeping a cool or cosy interior, but they’re also very good at draining an electric or plug-in hybrid’s battery. If you’re a big fan of the heater or are all about the air-conditioning, then keep in mind that they will have an effect on the range.

When considering the range of each vehicle, we use an estimated interior temperature of 22°C, but higher or lower temperatures could cause differences in the range of your journey.

Use our range calculator for the e-Golf to explore how different settings affect your range.

Keeping you toasty when the cold is coming

We all know that the UK weather is sometimes less than clement, and you’ll have a need for heat during those frosty winter months. With this in mind we invented the optional heat pump, an energy-efficient heater that reuses the heat generated from the electrical features and the engine to provide warmth. A heat pump can save up to 30% of your car’s energy compared to an electrical heating system. So you can be warmer while driving further and more economically.


Set the temperature before you get into your car

Nobody likes getting inside a stationary sun-baked vehicle, which is why we introduced the option to turn your air-conditioning on using the Car-Net e-remote on your smartphone. Just open the app when you’re out and about and select the temperature you’d like the car to reach ready for your arrival. Using the air conditioning while charging also has a positive effect on your fuel range as you no longer have to increase or decrease the temperature when you start driving.

The power of braking 

Did you know that braking creates energy? In the past this energy was lost, but in the age of energy conservation vehicles have advanced to recuperate the energy that was once lost, turning it into electricity. The e-up! and e-Golf store the energy created with every touch of the brake. It then gets used for things like the air-conditioning or heater, making your car all the more efficient as it conserves your charge for the more important things. Any remaining energy is stored in the battery.


Know how far you can go, whatever the weather

Whatever the season you want a car you can use all year-round. The outside temperature affects your electric or hybrid car’s range – that’s why the e-Golf has a temperature regulator that allows you to see how the weather outside changes your battery’s range. This doesn’t take into account the effect of the heating or air conditioning.

See how the ouside temperature affects your electric car’s range.

Your energy saving guru

The Think Blue. Trainer is the perfect companion in your crusade to help the environment. It tracks your driving style and gives you tips and feedback on ways you could drive more economically to conserve your charge and maximise your range. The inventive and informative little assistant can be accessed at any time using your smartphone, so you can drive smarter for longer.

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The ID. Range

Introducing the ID. Take a tour around our new electric collection.

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GTE driving modes

Wherever you’re going, there’s a GTE mode that will help you go the extra mile.

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Electric driving modes

There’s a driving mode to suit every driver’s needs on the road. If it’s range you’re after, then the ECO and ECO+ are for you. But if you prioritise performance and comfort then we recommend the Driving mode.

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