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Introducing our factories

Volkswagen headquarters in Wolfsburg Germany is one of the largest and most advanced car factories in the world. Right next door is the exciting Autostadt, our £270m City of Cars, built to celebrate the history, the present and the future of Volkswagen. And in Dresden you'll find the futuristic Transparent Factory where we assemble our luxury Phaeton saloon.

Autostadt Wolfsburg

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Autostadt - the City of Cars

We value our cars so highly we've built a whole city devoted to them. Our £270m Autostadt was opened in 2000, next to Volkswagen HQ in Wolfsburg.

When you visit this stunning 250,000sq m complex, which features lakes and parks, marketplaces and streets and even its own train station, you embark on a fascinating voyage of discovery. You can also enjoy various types of entertainment, world restaurants, and a unique events centre.

Each year, 1.2m visitors from all over the world visit the Autostadt to study the technology behind our legendary reliability, and share our vision of the future.

The Group Forum explains how we meet the needs of our customers worldwide. The Marque Pavilions showcase the many faces of Volkswagen: famous brands like Audi, SEAT, SKODA, Lamborghini and Bentley, each displayed in its individual setting. While in the Volkswagen Automuseum you can admire vintage Volkswagens and other landmark models and learn about the history of motorcars.

Experience the Autostadt

Take a virtual tour of the Autostadt: https://www.autostadt.de/en/start/Opens an external link

Alternatively call the hotline on +49 (0)800 28 86 78 23

The Transparent Factory

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A glass factory creating transparent excellence

Our Touareg luxury SUV is precision assembled by workers wearing white gloves in a glass factory in Dresden.

The Transparent Factory, where you can watch your Touareg being built, is a work of art in itself, and has been carefully integrated with the local ecology. Designed to make picking up your new Touareg an unforgettable experience, its 3-storey collection tower houses a life-size simulator where you can take a virtual test drive in front of a cinema sized screen.

Find out more by visiting the Transparent Factory websiteOpens an external link



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State-of-the-art car plant

Did you know that no two Volkswagen cars are exactly alike? That's because we use a unique combination of human skill and automation to build each car to every customer's individual preference from millions of possible design variations.

The Wolfsburg plant in North Germany, HQ of the Volkswagen group, is, at 5 sq kms, one of the largest and most advanced car factories in the world. It has the largest state-of-the-art paint shop in Europe, the first to use eco-friendly water-based paints.

The press shop

at Wolfsburg processes 1,500 metric tonnes of sheet metal every day. The sheet metal is cut and pre-stamped into special plates, then fully galvanised.

The body shop

is next in the production process. We've invested in new, more flexible technologies so the plant can react faster to different demands. Various models can be built right after one another on the same line with no major modifications or delay.

The paint shop

achieves flawless results. After an intensive pre-treatment with all seams, folds and joints sealed, each car goes through to have sealants, colour and protective layers applied.

The assembly line

is where engines and features are brought together in precise configurations. After assembly, rigorous measurements, final adjustments and performance tests are carried out to ensure the quality our customers expect.


The factory in Wolfsburg is open to the public every working day from Tuesday to Friday. Tours last for 2 hours. Please contact Autostadt for more information. Find our more by visiting the Autostadt websiteOpens an external link.