A parked silver Golf car

Approved Used Hatchbacks

Our iconic hatchbacks set the standard by which other hatchbacks are measured. Easy to use. Brilliant to drive.

Friends getting inside a red up! car


A small car with the big personality. The perfect compact urban runabout you’re certain to fall in love with.

Explore the up! 2012 - 2016
Discover the up! 2016 - 2020
Learn more about the up! 2020 - present 

A Volkswagen e-up! parked on a tiled driveway


The all-electric e‑up! is the definitive urban runabout. Compact, agile and zero emissions driving.

Learn more about the e‑up! 2014 - 2017
Find out about the e‑up! 2017 - 2020
Discover the e‑up! 2020 - present

A man leaning against an orange Polo car


No challenge is too big for the much-loved compact hatchback. Packed with safety features and surprisingly spacious.

Learn more about Polo 2008 - 2014
Discover the Polo 2014 - 2017
Find out more about the Polo 2017 - Present

An ID.3 parked in a country lane


The all-electric ID.3 is the blueprint for Volkswagen’s future. Not only does it look great but it also drives wonderfully with fast acceleration and no gear changes allowing for a smooth and responsive drive. Its range is impressive too, up to 336 miles on a single charge.
A blue new Golf 8 at the beach


The iconic Golf is the ultimate hatchback. There’s a reason generations of drivers love it so much.

Explore the Golf 2009 - 2013
Learn more about the Golf 2013 - 2017
Discover the Golf 2017 - 2020
Find out more about Golf 2020 - Present

e-Golf driving on a road


The all-electric Golf breaks new ground. Same iconic model, zero emissions driving.

Discover the e‑Golf 2014 - 2017
Explore the e‑Golf 2017 - 2020

A Golf Plus driving on the road

Golf Plus 

The Golf Plus is a more spacious version of the iconic hatchback, offering busy families a little more flexibility.

Find out more about the Golf Plus 2009 - 2014

A parked Golf SV

Golf SV

The Golf SV is a more spacious version of the iconic hatchback, offering more flexibility, advanced technology and superb driving dynamics.

Discover the Golf SV 2014 - 2017
Explore the Golf SV 2017 - present

Fox car driving on the road


The Fox combines Volkswagen durability and low running costs in one compact package.

Find out more about Fox 2006 - 2012



A Beetle car parked stationary


Retro styling meets modern engineering, in a seamless blend of classic and contemporary.

Explore the Beetle 1998 - 2011
Discover the Beetle 2011 - 2016
Learn more about the Beetle 2016 - 2018


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