Side profile of Volkswagen car with a smartphone and DataPlug
Side profile of Volkswagen car with a smartphone and DataPlug
Side profile of Volkswagen car with a smartphone and DataPlug
Side profile of Volkswagen car with a smartphone and DataPlug
Volkswagen Connect

Volkswagen Connect

Volkswagen Connect

Volkswagen Connect

Your very own driving assistant.

Your very own driving assistant.

Volkswagen Connect

Connect your smartphone with a Volkswagen Connect DataPlug and make your Volkswagen a connected car.

With Volkswagen Connect on your smartphone, your Volkswagen can relay everything you need to know; from service information and fuel consumption, to your parking location and tips to drive more economically.

Get information about your car directly to your smartphone by downloading the app today for free and purchasing a DataPlug at your local retailer. Connect the DataPlug to the existing diagnostic port and start benefiting from having a connected car.

​Volkswagen Connect is available for many of our models built since 2008.

For more information watch our Volkswagen Connect video

Key Features


For a better overview.

Your digital vehicle log records all your journeys from start to finish, together with the date, time, duration, route taken and cost per trip. Using the detailed view, you can analyse your driving style and check out statistics on mileage, driving time and average speed whenever you wish. You can also specify a purpose for your journey and export the data for all your trips in a convenient PDF form.

Volkswagen Polo driving by the sea
Volkswagen R-Line parked under a bridge

Driving Style 

For more efficiency.

In the Driving Style section, the app records acceleration, braking, speed, rpm and coolant temperature data in graphical form and automatically calculates your "Efficient Driving" score. Collect points for efficient driving and improve your style with the help of hints and tips provided by the app for the various efficiency categories.

Fuel Monitor 

For greater control over costs.

The Fuel Monitor records all your fuel fill-ups and stores the data in a handy overview. If the app notices that you have filled up with fuel, you automatically receive a notification and have the option of adding additional details. This ensures that you always know when you last filled up and can keep track of what it costs you to keep your vehicle on the road each month.

Man in suit leaning on Volkswagen car using smartphone
Close up of Volkswagen wheel

Parking Space

For more time.

This shows you where your vehicle is located, displaying the date and time of when you parked as well as the duration your car has been parked there. Additionally there are two buttons - Route and Share – which allow you to be guided back you your Volkswagen or send the vehicle location to other passengers.

Service Partners

For more convenience.

This displays our Volkswagen retailers and Authorised Repairers and allows you to call them directly from the app; enabling you to stay in touch with Volkswagen Service even when you're on the road. Do you have any questions on the performance of your vehicle? Simply send over the vehicle data to the Service Partner of your choice via the app and arrange a Service appointment tailored to your precise needs.

Woman using smartphone by Volkswagen car
Volkswagen car, DataPlay device and SmartPhone

Assistance Call

For more safety.

This section enables you to directly contact the 24-hour breakdown services or the Volkswagen Roadside Assistance at the touch of a button if you have a technical problem or even an accident.

My Volkswagen

For more information and safety.

A quick fitness check-up of your Volkswagen. This section of the app provides you with all the most important information about your vehicle in one place and displays alerts explaining issues or recommending the course of action.

For further information on Volkswagen Connect, including FAQs, please visit the  website.

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