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We Connect2 is your introduction to the latest generation of mobile online services in many Volkswagen models. Your vehicle is ready to go online from the outset if you want it, and there are many We Connect services available. After one-time activation and logging in with your Volkswagen ID, We Connect makes your day-to-day more pleasant and convenient. You can now also activate selected new functions for your Volkswagen after it has been purchased. Customisable to suit your needs at a later date. Simply go to your In-Car Shop in the infotainment system or to the We Connect web shopOpens an external link. Upgrades1 available for your vehicle are available to view here as a We Connect primary user and conveniently purchase them directly online.

The availability of the individual services may differ between countries and depends on the vehicle and equipment.


Your Volkswagen never stops learning: Upgrades for We Connect-ready vehicles

Voice control can be activated as an upgrade later – allowing you control your VW with your natural speaking voice.

Voice Control: “Hello Volkswagen

Your Volkswagen understands you. By saying “Hello Volkswagen”, you enter into a natural dialogue – for safe and convenient control of selected telephony, media or navigation functions. Activate voice control for your infotainment system Ready 2 Discover3 or Discover Media and control numerous vehicle functions using your voice. After all, depending on the vehicle model and equipment, many selected functions can be controlled using your voice. This allows you to focus completely on the road and enjoy driving even more.

We Upgrade in car display screen being accessed

App Connect: Access your apps in your car

With App-Connect, selected apps and content are transmitted directly to the display of the infotainment system in your Volkswagen and can be comfortably and clearly controlled within your line of vision. That makes it incredibly easy to access music, news, maps or audiobooks, for example. Volkswagen offers three interfaces for connecting smartphones, with numerous options: Apple CarPlay™, Android Auto™ by Google and MirrorLink®. Wireless use of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ by Google is also available as an upgrade for the “Discover Media” navigation system and “Ready 2 Discover”. To avoid distraction, only certified apps can be started during the journey. 

More upgrades for your Golf

ACC is a system available to add onto your VW Golf that detects vehicles in front of you and automatically keeps a set distance from them.

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC: Keeps a distance. And to speed limits.

Adaptive Cruise Control ACC keeps to a constant pre-set speed of your choice, up to 210 km/h. When your Golf approaches another vehicle in front, ACC adapts the speed automatically and is therefore able to keep your pre-set distance from the other vehicle (within the system’s limits).

You can even add the Light Assist system onto your Golf 8 as an upgrade.

Light Assist: Dazzle-free. In virtually every situation.

With the Light Assist main beam control system, you’ll see driving at night in your Golf in a whole new light. Light Assist uses a camera installed behind the windscreen to detect oncoming traffic or vehicles driving ahead and automatically switch between dipped and main beam (within the system’s limits). The future’s bright (but not too bright).

Illustration of the traffic sign recognition in operation

Dynamic Road Sign Display: shows you what’s important

Dynamic Road Sign Display can detect speed limits, overtaking bans and hazard signs on camera (within system limitations) and show this on the multi-function display. So it’s easier to keep track of what's going on in traffic.

Upgrades allow you to expand the selection of background lighting colours in your VW Golf 8.

Mood Lighting: For inner peace.

Give your Golf a little more personality. The expansion of the basic ambient lighting enables the interior to be lit according to mood, thanks to the individual choice of colour. Mood Lighting offers an expanded range of colours and a wider selection for creating lighting accents as an upgrade. Whether you prefer cooler or warmer lighting, you’re in the bright lights of the big city or on a dark country road: On every trip, you can create a different atmosphere to suit you and your passengers.

Picture of the inside of a Golf at night. Clearly recognisable: the Dynamic Background Lighting purchased with We Upgrade

Dynamic Background Lighting: illuminating information.

Dynamic Background Lighting expands basic background lighting to include intuitive display of various functions. Depending on equipment, this includes warnings and information such as the acceleration indicator or door warning.

Find out what else your Volkswagen can do

Already got a Golf and a valid We Connect contract? Then enjoy a month’s free trial and try out selected functions as a We Connect primary user via your In-Car Shop now.

Upgrade4 functions at a glance for your Volkswagen

Here is a first look (with no obligations) at which selected upgrades can be added in principle to the vehicle of your choice. Your vehicle usually also needs to have the necessary technical functions and hardware equipment for the relevant upgrade. To find out which of these specific functions is actually available for your Volkswagen, please visit your In-Car Shop in the infotainment system or the We Connect web shopOpens an external link. Here, the primary user can view and purchase the specific functions which are available for your vehicle.




Golf 8 and model versions


Passat, Arteon, Arteon Shooting Brake, Tiguan, Touran, T‑Roc, T‑Roc Cabriolet, T‑Cross & Polo




Voice Control






Light Assist



Adaptive cruise control ACC



Ambient light multicolour



Ambient light effect



Dynamic Road Sign Display




Golf 8 and model versions



Passat, Arteon, Arteon Shooting Brake, Tiguan, Touran, T‑Roc, T‑Roc Cabriolet, T‑Cross & Polo


Price for the British market including VAT. The prices shown in the We Connect web or in-car shop at the time of purchase are legally binding. Prices may vary by vehicle and equipment.

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Get in touch with us

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Then give us a call. Contact us on 0800 – 279 750 8Opens a phone link (free from all UK networks). We’re available around the clock. If your telephone provider does not support this number, please call + 44 (0) 1908 – 813 700Opens a phone link. The costs are based on the relevant rate charged by your provider. In the case of calls from abroad, roaming charges may apply.

You can also send an email to:
weconnect-support@volkswagen.deOpens a mail link

Important information :

To obtain upgrades, you need a Volkswagen ID user account, a valid We Connect contract and your primary user credentials, i.e. the link between your user account and the specific vehicle. Your vehicle also needs to have the necessary technical functions and hardware equipment for the relevant upgrade. This may depend on the model year and production date. The upgrades available for the specific vehicle can be viewed by the primary user in the infotainment system In-Car Shop or the We Connect web shop at shop.volkswagen-we.com. Paid-for products can be purchased in the In-Car Shop and the We Connect web shop with the payment methods that are currently available and can be viewed there. Your Volkswagen dealership is also happy to advise on questions regarding upgrades and their availability. Purchased and activated upgrades remain with the vehicle, can be used by all drivers and cannot be transferred to other vehicles.
To use the We Connect services, you need a Volkswagen ID user account and to log in to We Connect with your username and password. A separate We Connect or We Connect Plus contract must also be concluded online with Volkswagen AG. For We Connect Plus, following vehicle handover, you have 90 days in which to register the vehicle at www.myvolkswagen.net or via the Volkswagen We Connect” app (available in the App Store and Google Play Store) and use the services for the full duration of the agreed free period. The use of We Connect mobile online services is enabled by means of an integrated internet connection. Volkswagen AG will be liable for the associated data costs incurred within Europe, with the exception of the “Streaming & Internet” services and individual in-car apps. For the use of the “Streaming & Internet” services, individual in-car apps and the Wi-Fi hotspot, data packages can be purchased from Cubic Telecom, our mobile communications partner, and used in the network coverage area within many European countries. You can find information on conditions, prices and supported countries at https://vw.cubictelecom.com. Alternatively, you can use the Internet Radio and Media Streaming with a mobile device (e.g. smartphone), provided it has the ability to function as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. In this case, the corresponding services are only available subject to an existing or separate mobile phone contract between you and your mobile network operator and only within the coverage area of the respective mobile network. Additional fees (for example, roaming charges) may arise when exchanging data over the Internet, depending on your particular mobile phone rate and especially when using the service abroad. A smartphone with a suitable iOS or Android operating system and SIM card with data option with an existing mobile data contract or one to be agreed separately between you and your mobile data provider are required to use the free We Connect app. The availability of the individual We Connect and We Connect Plus services described in the packages may differ between countries and depends on both the vehicle and its equipment. The services are available for the agreed contract period and may be subject to substantive changes or ceased during the contract period. You can find more details at www.connect.volkswagen-we.com and your Volkswagen retailer. For information on mobile data charges, please consult your mobile data provider.
Voice control of navigation functions with “Ready 2 Discover” is only possible following activation of the upgrade: “Navigation”.
Upgrades is available through the infotainment system (BACS Payment) or online through myvolkswagen.co.uk or via the We Connect App (BACS & Credit/Debit available)
  • All prices listed are Manufacturer’s ‘On the road’ Recommended Retail Price (includes VAT, VED, Delivery to retailer, number plates and first registration fee). Volkswagen may change RRPs at any time (this includes where there are government changes in regulation and/or legislation). There may be a delay to any RRP displaying correctly on our materials. The vehicle specification shown on the website may vary as Volkswagen UK review the model range line up throughout the year. Please ensure that you clarify the exact vehicle specification and prices with your Volkswagen Retailer at point of order

    For fuel consumption and CO2 information for vehicles, view values in the configurator.