Illustration of the different models that are all based on the MEB

Battery technology

Our electric cars are fitted with our most advanced battery technology. Read on to learn about our battery systems, safety, the MEB platform, and charging your battery during the colder months.

Illustration of the Volkswagen battery system

Battery system

The new generation of Volkswagen electric cars showcase innovative battery systems integrated into the MEB platform.

Illustration of a fire fighter standng in front of a Volkswagen ID.3.

Battery safety FAQs

Can an electric vehicle burn? Is charging safe in the rain? Can you safely tow with an electric vehicle? Get the answers to some of the most commonly asked electric car questions.

Illustration of a person inspecting the battery of an electric VW

Modular construction (MEB platform)

Our electric cars have been built from the ground up. The bedrock on which they are all constructed is the MEB platform, a super-versatile foundation that allows for total design freedom and flexibility.

A person walks towards a charging VW id3 standing in a snowy mountain landscape

Charging at low temperatures

When the weather turns cooler, it can affect how quickly your car can charge. Find out more and be prepared for the colder months.

temperature gauge

Battery management in high temperatures

In high temperature environments, clever management is indispensable for optimum battery life and capacity. 

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