Blue Volkswagen Tiguan parked on a street, two people exiting the vehicle
How your new car works

How your new car works

How your new car works

How your new car works

Get to know your new company car with our handy videos.

We’ve created some short videos to help you get familiar with what your new car can do. We’ve covered the basics, such as how to turn on your fog lights, how to lock the doors and boot, how to fill up and where to put your oil. And we’ve included some more advanced features too, such as setting the Automatic Climate Control (ACC), how the electronic handbrake works, how the folding door mirrors work and where the spare wheel is stored.  

How your new Golf works

Get to know your Golf with these helpful videos for company car drivers

Dashboard of a Volkswagen Golf
Dashboard of a Volkswagen Passat

How your new Passat works

Understand how to use your new Passat with our helpful videos and tutorials.

How your new Tiguan works

Get acquainted with your new Tiguan so you can utilise its wide range of features.

Dashboard of a Volkswagen Tiguan
Man using touchscreen of the central console

How your new car’s technology works

If you’re a company car driver then make sure you know how everything in your new car works. 

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