A grey Volkswagen ID.3.

Used ID.3 for sale 


Used ID.3 for sale 

(2020 - Present)

The all-electric ID.3 is the blueprint for Volkswagen’s future. From 257 miles WLTP range and zero emissions, the ID.3 welcomes you to a new era of sustainable driving.

Design and features

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There are great benefits to buying a Approved Used car from Volkswagen.

A white ID.3 parked outside a house, showcasing its Matrix LED headlights.


Less car. More ID.
Shaping the ID.3’s futuristic look: the optional front Matrix LED headlights, the redesigned Volkswagen logo and the additional lightline leading to the logo from the sides. Futuristic from front to back – in perfect form.


AR Head-up Display

Look to the future with ease
The optional AR Head-up Display sends useful information straight into the windscreen's field of vision, making driving easier for you. For instance, it shows you where to turn. The projection on the windscreen and what’s happening on the tarmac seem to become one. For extra driving comfort every single day.

A drivers view of the ID.3's futuristic cockpit.


Futuristic, comfortable and convenient
The brand new look continues seamlessly in the interior. All thanks to inviting seats, plenty of legroom, a design dispensing with a centre tunnel and a large touch display, as well as the ID.Light and adaptable ambient lighting.

ID. Light

Super smart: the intelligent lighting concept
D.Light communicates with you visually and makes it easier for you to navigate through traffic, together with the optional navigation system. If you use voice control, a light signal will respond to your voice. When you leave your ID.3, the ID.Light says goodbye – with a smart light signal.

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As our cars become more digitally connected and we move to a more digital future, we’re no longer producing the traditional brochure and price list. The documents below don't apply to our current models and are for information purposes only.

Used ID.3 trims

Electrifying performance meets pioneering design. Range suited to everyday use and mobility, with up to 336 miles on a single charge.

ID.3 1ST Edition
The exclusive details of the ID.3 1ST Edition show everyone who's first at first glance: Starting with the 1ST badge and striking rear pillar design, the 1ST steering wheel clip and Play & Pause design pedals and the special greeting on the welcome screen. 

ID.3 Life
All the basic specification required for comfortable and assisted every day life. The ID.3 Life is the inaugural Net Carbon-Neutral BEV in the Volkswagen world of electric mobility.

ID.3 Style
Live electric mobility in style. The ID.3 Style focuses on aesthetics including tinted windows, illuminated grille and the 130cm long metre wide panoramic sunroof.

ID.3 Tech
The ID.3 Tech majors on the latest advanced technology including both the panoramic sunroof and the Augmented Reality Head-up Display alongside the full Infotainment, Design and Assistance technologies.

ID.3 Business
The all-rounder for locally emission-free everyday life. The ID.3 Business benefits from interior style, exterior Design pack and Assistance pack technology.

ID.3 Family
Family-friendly electrically on the move, The ID.3 Family comes with all the specification a modern family needs for sustainable comfort and design, including 4xUSB-c ports, heated seats and steering wheel and the large panoramic sunroof.

ID.3 Max
A maximum of technology, sport and comfort. The ID.3 Max as the name suggests is the ultimate ID.3 with almost every specification as standard to ensure every aspect of design, comfort, infotainment and assistance is fulfilled.

ID.3 Tour
Your upgrade for the long haul. The ID.3 Tour version still has 204PS but with a bigger a 77kWh battery pack giving an even longer range of 336 miles.



Lithium-ion batteries, of the type used in most electric vehicles (including Volkswagen electric vehicles) have a restricted lifespan. Battery capacity will reduce over time, with use and charging. Reduction in battery capacity will affect the performance of the vehicle, including the range achievable, and may impact resale value. New car performance figures (including battery capacity and range) may be provided for the purposes of comparison between vehicles. You should not rely on new car performance figures (including battery capacity and range), in relation to used vehicles with older batteries, as they will not reflect used vehicle performance in the real world.

Getting your hands on an Approved Used Volkswagen can be easy.

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