Golf GTE Driving Mode

The Golf GTE’s intelligent hybrid system supports your driving, no matter the road, no matter the distance.

Golf GTE

What is E-mode?

Activate the Golf GTE’s electric motor with the touch of a button and drive at speeds of up to 81 mph with a sporty 330 Nm of torque and zero emissions. 

Power output: 102PS 

What is hybrid mode?

In hybrid mode, you’ll begin your journey using the electric motor until the petrol engine is needed, so the car will seamlessly switch between the two depending on which is most efficient – the most efficient way to travel for longer journeys.  

Power output: 102PS (electric) / 150PS (petrol)

What is charge mode?

Charge mode uses the petrol engine to charge the lithium-ion battery – useful if the battery is running low and you want to drive using electric later in the journey .  

Power output: 150PS 

GTE mode

In GTE mode, the power from the electric motor and petrol engines are combined for a burst of power that rivals the Golf GTI, accompanied by a distinctive – and pleasing – engine sound. 

Power output: 204PS

Battery hold mode

Select battery hold mode and drive using just the petrol engine to maintain battery charge for future use in the journey. 

Power output: 150PS

Please refer to your Volkswagen Owner's manual for official guidance on use and operation of all our technology.