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The new ID.3

Revolution instead of evolution

The ID.3 heralds in the new era of electric mobility. Feel the electrifying performance. Experience ground-breaking design combined with practical ranges. And all this at an attractive price. The future is ready. 

  • Performance: full torque from a standstill
  • Range: electric range of up to 260 miles (WLTP)
Front end of the ID.3 1ST

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Highlights of the ID.3

Here you can regularly discover new highlights that make the ID.3 an intelligent answer to the challenges of the future. Interested? Then take a look at what the new ID.3 has to offer.

Look and Feel

From the very first glance, the sporty design of the new gloss-machined 18-inch alloy wheels promises an entirely new driving experience. The high-performance electric motors keep this promise – providing constant, dynamic acceleration and driving performance that will take your breath away.

Driving pleasure without end

The ID.3 special edition models are delivered with the mid-sized battery (58 kWh, net). The standard model will be available in three variants: with the small battery (45 kWh, net) you can drive up to 330 km (WLTP) and with the large battery (77 kWh, net) a range of up to 550 km (WLTP) it is possible. We offer the right model for almost every destination.

Electric mobility for all

Electric mobility is finally available with state-of-the-art technology and ground-breaking design. Combined with a convincing price to enable everyone access to the benefits. You can look forward to the exclusive ID.3 1ST special edition.

Fast charging

With an electric vehicle, you no longer need to drive to a filling station to refuel. Instead, you can recharge your battery almost everywhere: at home via a plug socket or the optional wall box and at public charging stations or quick charging stations. Charging is faster than you think. Try it out and you will quickly discover that it is almost as simple as charging your smart phone.

Interactive Light

The ID.3 is like a good friend that helps you with your day-to-day life. The lighting concept is more interactive than anything you’ve ever seen before in a car. It greets you, can help with the navigation and tells you to press the brakes when danger is detected. It can even warn you of any road users approaching as you get out of the car. 

Innovative LED Matrix headlights

When you walk towards your ID.3 it wakes up, and then recognises and greets you by lifting its Matrix LED headlights. The headlights light up the road ahead, and can adapt perfectly to any environment. This makes it easier to drive in any situation.

Beacon of inspiration

The light features of the ID.3 special edition.

Fascinating optional highlights such as the smart interior lighting concept or the innovative LED Matrix headlights which perfectly adapt to almost every environment and even greet you with “open eyes”. The Interactive Light also greets you, can help with the navigation and can prompt you to press the brakes when danger is detected. They will be your beacon of inspiration.

At first glance.

The exclusive details of the ID.3 show everyone at first glance exactly who comes first: beginning with the 1ST badge and the striking rear pillar design to the 1ST steering wheel clip and the play-and-pause design pedals up to the special welcome on the welcome screen – this is your special edition.

Front end of the ID.3 1ST

Sign-up to the ID.3 waiting list.

The opportunity to order the new ID.3 before its general release
Receive early news and updates about e-mobility and the new ID.3
Join the electric revolution.
Further Highlights of the ID.3

Head-start through sustainability

Nothing is more fascinating than the future. New technologies create new opportunities. Yet we also face major challenges. That is why the ID.3 has a completely new concept from the ground up. Fully electric. And above all: sustainable. It is our first vehicle delivered to the customer with a neutral climate balance – thanks to a consistent reduction of CO2 emissions in the supply chain and production. Unavoidable CO2 emissions are balanced out by climate protection projects.

The joy of torque

The ID.3 represents a revolutionary, electrifying driving experience: full torque from a standstill, consistently dynamic acceleration and performance designed to make anyone’s heart race. All you need to do to experience this feeling is get in and drive it.

Our ideas for your mobility

To make the electric mobility of the future even easier, we have compiled the best offers for your ID.3.


Your filling station at home: the optional wall box

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to jump into your fully charged electric car in the morning and start the day full of energy? That is why Volkswagen will soon release a “high performance plug” for your home: the optional wall box. Once installed, you can simply connect your car and recharge it overnight. This is even more convenient than refuelling. The wall box will be available in two versions with different charging performance. 

Pays off: Volkswagen Financial Services

Electric mobility should be available to everyone. Soon you will be able to benefit from attractive offers for the ID.3. We offer diverse variants that let you enjoy stress-free mobility.

Family infront of the ID. Buzz

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