Paul Juda next to a charging station
Paul Juda next to a charging station
Paul Juda next to a charging station
Paul Juda next to a charging station
Totally electric Amsterdam

Totally electric!

Totally electric Amsterdam

Totally electric!

Paul Juda in Amsterdam.

Paul Juda in Amsterdam.

If you live in the centre of Amsterdam you need a lot of patience when you drive, because space is at a premium in the Dutch capital. Unless of course you drive an e-up! like Paul Juda. It was just by chance that he happened to test the electric car, and he was won over immediately.

Outline of a map of the Netherlands with a mark on the location of Amsterdam

It was love at first sight for 57-year old Paul Juda. He had the e-up! as a rental car – and decided straight away to hang on to it. Since then he’s never looked back.

Paul Juda in front of his e-up!
“Driving the e-up! is like taking a holiday from using a petrol car. The peace and quiet made me fall in love with the car straight away.”

e-love at first sight.

Paul was born and bred in Amsterdam, and still lives in the city working as a lawyer. In his opinion, there’s no better car than the e-up!. It was love at first sight – the electric car is quiet, with zero local emissions, and looks good to boot. What’s more, the compact e-up! makes light work of negotiating heavy traffic.

Compact, economical, environmentally friendly. The e-up! has it all.

Paul explained how nerve-wracking driving in Amsterdam can be, and that you should allow plenty of time for your journeys. On top of this, it can be a tough task searching for a parking space in the city centre, so the compact e-up! is practical for two reasons – driving in heavy traffic and searching for a parking space. The fact that the city promotes alternative methods of transport is a further advantage, Paul believes. Drivers of electric vehicles receive a subsidy and initially pay no tax on their car, making the e-up! a solid investment not just for the environment, but for their pockets too. Paul’s apartment and the law firm he works for are exactly three kilometres apart. Normally, he rides his bike there and back, just like most people in the cycling capital of the world. However, he’s constantly surprised at how spacious the boot is when he goes shopping with his e-up!, and it’s also useful for moving his sporting gear around. After all, who enjoys a sweaty bike ride home after a game of football?

Bicycles in Amsterdam

A chance encounter.

It was fate that brought him to try out the nifty little electric car. The garage offered to lend him the e-up! as part of their service. His Golf was due for its MOT and because Paul had never driven an electric car, he decided to try one out. It won him over straight away, so much so that he decided to swap his Golf for the e-up! the very next day. He hasn’t regretted his decision for a second: “The Golf is great, but the e-up! is more my kind of car”.

Canal in Amsterdam

Take it easy and recharge your batteries in the e-up!

Paul believes that the e-up! offers a uniquely relaxing drive. He described to us how he drives with more foresight in an electric car, because you save on electricity by driving more conservatively. Not a bad result!

“You’re calmer and more considerate when you drive an electric car.”

Seagulls love electric cars, too

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