Victoria Kippersund drives in her e-up!
Victoria Kippersund drives in her e-up!
Victoria Kippersund drives in her e-up!
Victoria Kippersund drives in her e-up!
Totally electric Oslo

Totally electric!

Totally electric Oslo

Totally electric!

Victoria Kippersund in Oslo.


Victoria Kippersund in Oslo.


Social media can be a source of inspiration for sustainability and electric cars. For Victoria Kippersund, this was definitely the case. When she bought her e-up!, she was soon convinced that she had made an investment in the future.

Outline of a map of Norway with a mark on the location of Oslo

VICTORIA KIPPERSUND, 34, loves driving her e-up!. But comfort isn’t the main reason she chose it. The Norwegian believes that electric mobility is the future.

Victoria Kippersund
“I believe that this is how we will all drive in the future.” Victoria Kippersund

Facebook drives people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

When we asked Victoria Kippersund what motivated her to buy an electric car, her answer was Facebook. The 34-year- old Norwegian had been inspired by an article that listed ways to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. The second item on the list was “drive an electric car”. However, this wasn’t the only thing that convinced her to drive the e-up!.

Be part of tomorrow, today.

The ability to actively shape the future inspired Victoria. So when the time came to think about which car to drive, there was no hesitation. She has been driving her e-up!, which is also her first ever car, since June 2015. Part of her desire to join the electric revolution was inspired by the Norwegian government. As far back as the 1990s, Norway has been building an infrastructure for electric cars to thrive. As well as various discounts and benefits, buyers were also exempted from taxes, some city centre car parks were made free for electric cars, and they are also allowed to drive in bus lanes. The results have been impressive, with 20% of new registrations in Norway now made for electric cars. 

The city cruiser perfect for short trips.

It takes Victoria about 20 minutes to drive from her 6-year-old daughter’s school to the gym where she works as an assistant manager. She not only drives this route twice a day, but also takes her e-up! on spontaneous trips into the centre of Oslo. Simply because there’s so little hassle now with the huge amount of free parking available for electric cars.

For a coffee with the e-up!
“In Oslo, it’s difficult to find a place that DOESN’T have a charging station. If I’m not sure where the nearest one is, I can check the app on my smartphone.”
Victoria Kippersund driving her e-up! down a street
A picture-perfect pair: Victoria and her e-up!.

Plenty of power, even in the winter.

Victoria, who lives in the Røa suburb of Oslo, also found a way to get by in the colder months. Although Norway is well designed for electric cars, the winters are still long and cold which requires more economical driving. To save power, Victoria sometimes wears a thick coat instead of using the e-up!’s heating system. 

Modern financial district in Norway

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