Power your car with green energy

Ecotricity, the green energy company, has come together in partnership with Volkswagen to bring renewable energy to your home.

Green electricity minimises your impact on the environment

But, for an electric vehicle to run emission free, one vital piece of the jigsaw is often overlooked. Where does your electricity come from? Two thirds of our electricity currently comes from fossil fuels – but there is a greener option.

Ecotricity, the green energy company, has come together in partnership with Volkswagen to bring you the answer.

White Volkswagen e-Golf driving on the road near the sea

With a fleet of wind and solar parks, Ecotricity makes renewable energy from the elements – the wind and the sun – both limitless and clean in their supply. And they have just one simple 100% Green Electricity tariff – that supplies nearly 100,000 customers across the UK.

As an energy company Ecotricity is unlike any other. They take the money their customers spend on their electricity and gas bills and use it to build more sources of renewable energy.

This is called ‘Bills into Mills’ – turning energy bills into windmills and sunmills. And over the last nine years they’ve spent over £280 per customer, per year, doing so – that’s more than all of the other energy companies in Britain put together, bar none.

Switch to Ecotricity and you’ll enjoy the equivalent of 1,000 free miles of electricity compared to Ecotricity’s standard Green Electricity tariff. You’ll need a copy of your car’s log book (V5C certificate) to be eligible for this tariff. The Green Electricity + Car tariff only applies to one electricity account – registered at the address stated on your V5C. They’ll also install a free smart meter for you if you’d like one.

You can switch online at or call 08000 302 302 quoting VW and they’ll take care of the rest: Switch online now .

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