Get ready to go electric

The Volkswagen EV Check app takes the guess work out of deciding whether or not to go electric. The app analyses the way you drive and tells you if an electric car is right for you and if so which of our electric models best suits your needs.

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Record and analyse your drive

First thing’s first, when you open the app choose your current car’s make and model. The app will then track your trips and create your own personal driving profile. Once your profile has been built, you can instantly access a wealth of information including your CO2 emissions and total expenses.

Tracking Trip
See how your car compares

Once the app has collected your driving data, you can compare it with any Volkswagen electric vehicle. Get the facts and discover whether your trips can be made on electric power. The app will show you how much driving electric will cut your emissions and how much you could be saving on running costs.

Take the virtual tour

Volkswagen EV Check can take you on a tour of our electric range using augmented reality. Put the new ID.3. in the palm of your hand and take a closer look at its key features. You can get a scale visual of our electric cars, just point your phone at any space and see the car appear on screen.

Take the virtual tour
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The EV Check App

This tool quickly and easily lets you see if owning an electric car is right for you. 

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Download the Volkswagen EV Check app

Follow the links below to download the app from either Google Play or App Store. If you want to see the app in action before you download, take a look at the video below.


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