Impressive range: the heat pump in the ID.3

An optional heat pump in the fully electric ID.3 provides energy-efficient heating of the vehicle interior, resulting in less current being needed from the battery.

Volkswagen ID.3 with illustrated heat pump and a man standing next to the car

How does a heat pump work?

Compared to a petrol-driven car, the drive components of an electric vehicle do not produce enough waste heat to adequately heat the vehicle interior.

The solution: a highly efficient heat pump system compresses refrigerant under high pressure. The heat produced is used to heat up flowing cold air.

This uses less energy from the battery for the high-voltage heater, beneficially delivering greater range over electric vehicles without heat pump.

Illustration of the cold outdoor air becomes warm indoor air in ID.3
Cold outdoor air becomes warm indoor air

Good for the environment, good for you

The energy-efficient heat pump in the new ID.3 and ID.4 will offer you several advantages:

The climate impact of the refrigerant R744 (carbon dioxide) used to generate heated or cooled air is lower than that of fluorinated refrigerants.

The power requirement for heating the interior at exterior temperatures of less than 0°C is up to 40% less than in a vehicle without an energy-efficient heat pump.

The reduced power requirement also reduces power consumption and thus increases battery capacity, which has a positive effect on the vehicle range. The exact nature of the effect on the vehicle range is also determined by your individual driving behaviour.

As a general rule: if the average speed is lower, the influence of the heating system will be higher and thus the positive influence of the energy-efficient heat pump on the total vehicle range will also be higher.

More efficiency in the daily use of the vehicle

In this way you can increase the vehicle range, particularly in urban traffic. At the same time, this efficient technology makes a positive contribution for a sustainable future. Over the whole lifespan of the vehicle.

Illustration of an ID.3 parked besides a lake with a young couple taking in the view over the lake and the mountain range beyond

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