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ID. software 3.2 update

With software 3.2, benefit from improvements in personalisation and new functions in the area of online destination and route import.

ID. software 3.2 update

With this update, your ID. model receives improvements in the area of personalisation as well as new functions for importing routes and destinations into your vehicle that you have planned in advance.

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What is included in the ID. software 3.2?


For vehicles delivered with ID. software 3.0 installed from the factory, personal settings of numerous systems are stored in the Volkswagen ID user account and activated when you log into the vehicle. This gives you a relaxed start without needing the time-consuming adjustments before you start your journey. The loading, activation, and synchronisation of the settings is done automatically and without intermediate steps. The scope of personalisation depends on various optional extras. 

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Execution of the update

The installation of the ID. Software 3.2 update is carried out in the workshop and is free of charge for you. Your Volkswagen Retailer will contact you to make an appointment. You can then also discuss your wishes with them, such as for example the organisation of a replacement vehicle.

For some ID. owners, the software update can also be installed "over-the-air". The "over-the-air" installation can only feasible for vehicles with a corresponding vehicle specification.
The affected ID. Owners will be informed by e-Mail.
An active We Connect contract is required.
The installation time is max. 130 minutes.
The exact time is specified in the infotainment system in the release notes, which are displayed before installation.

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Important information for Volkswagen owners

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Important information :

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