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Body and paintwork

Our body and paintwork specialists keep your Volkswagen safe and looking fresh, from chips in the windscreen to scratches on the doors.

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts

Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts

rear view of a blue VW Tiguan parked in a workshop

All of our parts have been tailored to your car and can be fitted quickly and easily, saving you both time and money. They also look great and are manufactured to Volkswagen’s exacting standards.

The benefits of Volkswagen Genuine Body Parts

Increased safety: Volkswagen manufactures robust parts, with correct sheet thickness and energy absorption in collisions.

Perfect fit: Quick, affordable, precise assembly.

All Volkswagen: Your Volkswagen stays 100% Volkswagen.

Take a closer look

A technician buffering the front VW logo on a blue Tiguan

Our parts

Crossmembers and bumpers

These are designed to absorb the majority of the energy caused by collisions and distribute it around the car’s body. They also give the car greater stability on the road.


Our bonnets crumple in a collision to protect you and your passengers.

Wing panels

These are designed to protect pedestrians and other road users from water spray or dirt and stones churned up by the tyres.

Our Paint Sprays and Paint Sticks

A technician holding hand on the bonnet of a blue VW Tiguan

The right colour every time

Small scratches can really detract from the look of your car. With our Genuine Paint Sprays and Paint Sticks we can provide an exact match to your car’s colour.

The benefits

  • Volkswagen Genuine Colours: Available in all standard Volkswagen colours for new and past models.
  • Clear coat provided: For the best possible result, clear coat protects your repair. Also available for metallic and pearl effect paintwork.
  • Total protection: Prevents the spread of rust around damaged areas.

Volkswagen Genuine Windscreens

A car windscreen

Your windscreen plays a big role in the safety, stability and comfort of your car.

The benefits

  • Stable protection: Safety glass supports the airbags as they deploy and creates fewer splinters.
  • Greater comfort: Providing protection against noise, shielding against the sun and keeping the vehicle interior cooler in the summer.
  • Designed for your Volkswagen: Our windshields fit perfectly and work with our driver assistance systems, such as the rain sensor and Lane Assist.

Volkswagen Genuine Lights

Various lamps from Volkswagen

Full light intensity with low dazzling effect

Thanks to the high light intensity of our Genuine Lamps, you’ll have a clear view of the road – and other road users of you. Whether you need H1, H4 or H7 halogen bulbs – for low and main beam headlights: We have the right bulbs for your vehicle lights and know exactly where each light belongs.

Volkswagen Genuine Headlights

Side view of a right headlight with switched on low beam – VW original lamps

Durable and bright

Uniform light for a good view of the road and visibility for other road users – in particular the LED headlights on your Volkswagen will take care of it. They boast a long service life, low energy consumption and almost constant light intensity.

Windscreen and headlights FAQs

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