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Genuine Parts

What are Genuine Parts?

Volkswagen Genuine Parts are made-to-measure for your Volkswagen. These are the same parts we install in our new vehicles. Genuine parts ensure that even after repair or maintenance work, your car remains 100% Volkswagen. Read on to find out more.

Volkswagen genuine filters

A man holding a torch light looking at a Genuine Air Filter

Genuine Air Filters

Our Genuine Air Filters ensure that the air going into your engine is clean and the fuel-to-air ratio is correct. The filters we use are so efficient that even the smallest particles of dust and sand are captured before they reach your engine.

Image of a Genuine Cabin Filter

Genuine Cabin Filters

Our Genuine Cabin Filters keep pollutants like dust, pollen, soot and bad odours from getting into your car through the air conditioning system. These filters also ease the load on your car’s blower motor which reduces fuel consumption.

Image of a genuine oil filter

Genuine Oil Filters

Our Genuine Oil Filters stop carbon, dust and metal particles from polluting your oil, which helps keep your engine healthier for longer.

Image of a genuine exhaust silencer

Genuine Exhaust Silencers

Our Genuine Exhaust Silencers are tailored to your model, maximising engine performance and fuel economy. The high-grade materials we use to craft our exhaust silencers also help limit noise and emissions.

Image of a genuine cambelt

Genuine Cambelts

Our Genuine Cambelts connect the cam shaft to the crank shaft. Our cambelts are made from high strength material to prevent stretching and increase their resistance to heat and moisture, which is essential to prevent serious damage to your engine. Our two-year warranties cover any damage caused to your engine in the unlikely event your cambelt fails.

A VW technician knelt next to an exposed brake disc and pad

Genuine Brake Discs and Pads

Our Genuine Brake Discs and Pads keep stopping distances low. They are designed specifically for your Volkswagen model and tailored to its weight, engine power and top speed, ensuring optimum performance.

Benefits of Genuine Parts

Benefits of Genuine Parts

A blue VW Tiguan being raised on a ramp by a technician
  • Manufacturer expertise: All our Genuine Parts are approved by Volkswagen product experts.
  • Precision fit: Because every Genuine Part is tailored to Volkswagen models, they help your Volkswagen retain its value.
  • Quality: Product tests carried out by independent inspectors ensure Volkswagen Genuine Parts are always of the highest quality.

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