Front end of the ID.
Front end of the ID.
Front end of the ID.

The brand new ID.
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The future is here.

The ID. provides a new era of mobility - 100% electric with bundles of intelligent digital technology. It's an electric car that combines progressive design, intuitive operation and a sense of space, all in one place, for a driving experience that you won't forget. So jump in and experience what the future holds, today. 

The new ID. - highlights

The ID. is more than just a car. Talk to it and it'll respond to you, whilst adapting to your style over time. Find out more about how innovative the ID. really is. 

Interactive Light

The ID. helps assist you with your day-to-day life. The lighting concept is more interactive than anything you’ve ever seen before in a car. It greets you, can help with the navigation and tells you to press the brakes when danger is detected. It can even warn you of any road users approaching as you get out of the car. And the best part: the light does what you tell it to – via voice control, if so desired.

Innovative LED Matrix headlights

When you walk towards your ID. it wakes up, and then recognises and greets you by lifting its Matrix LED headlights. The headlights light up the road ahead, and can adapt perfectly to any environment. This makes it easier to drive in any situation. 

Prebook the ID. soon

Very soon you will be able to prebook the exclusive ID. limited edition, which is available in three versions.

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