A woman sitting inside an ID. electric car
A woman sitting inside an ID. electric car
A woman sitting inside an ID. electric car

Software and technology

Explore the next generation innovation we’ve packed into our electric cars, from smart connectivity to regenerative braking to the incredible ID. Pilot, which will enable your car to drive itself.

Illustration of the MEB in an ID. model

Modular construction (MEB)

Our ID. range of next generation electric cars has been redesigned from the ground up, around the most efficient mobility platform we’ve ever created. We call it the MEB.

Dashboard and cockpit of a car

Regenerative braking

Your electric Volkswagen can cleverly harness the energy released during braking and convert it to battery charge. This is called regenerative braking.

Illustration of smart climate control

Smart climate control

Our ID. range of next generation electric cars features smart climate control, including personalised air conditioning and ‘preconditioning’ - setting your climate before you even get in.

Side view of an ID.3

The perfect sound

Our electric cars are virtually silent, but they need to make some sound to protect other road users. Discover how Volkswagen acoustic engineers designed the sound of electric mobility.

Find out about the research behind the sound

Discover the sounds of the future

Illustration of how a heat pump works in an ID.3

Heat pump

Unlike conventional engines, electric motors do not produce enough heat to warm the interior of the car. Instead, we have developed a heat pump that delivers best-in-class heating.

A moving ID.3

Battery system

The new generation of Volkswagen electric cars features a groundbreaking battery system integrated into the car’s modular construction (MEB).

An autonomous driving vehicle

ID. Pilot autonomous driving

Currently still at the concept stage, our ID. Pilot technology will complement our many other driver assist systems by enabling your Volkswagen to drive itself.

Interior of an e-up!

Choose your electric driving mode

Our pure electric e‑Golf and e‑up! models have a range of driving modes to give you the performance, efficiency and range to suit your needs.

Interior of a Passat GTE

Choose your hybrid driving mode

Our Golf GTE and Passat GTE hybrid models have a range of driving modes to support your driving needs, no matter the road, no matter the distance.

In the ID.3 illustration, the drum brake components are highlighted.

Effective, efficient, sustainable: the ID.3 braking system

In the ID.3 you can enjoy carefree driving pleasure on almost every journey. This is made possible by a brake system with a modern integrated drum brake on the rear axle.
A woman standing in front of an ID.3

Glossary of electric car terms

Sometimes it can feel like electric cars have a language all their own. Here’s our handy guide to all the electric terminology you need to know.

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