Families need space

With room for seven adults in luxurious comfort, the Sharan is the best choice you can make for space and convenience. 

Spacious and versatile

Plenty of space, a host of innovative safety features, and class-leading connectivity make the Sharan a great choice for all the family.

Easy entry. Smooth exit.

Having a free hand, especially with children and shopping bags in tow, is not a common luxury. That’s why we’ve fitted the Sharan with optional electric sliding doors. Simply press the control on your keys, or with the touch of a button when you’re inside the car, and the doors will open or close. The days of struggling with the handle and door slamming are over.

Comfortable and fun

A perfect balance of function and style

We’ve considered every angle to give the Sharan an attractive interior that can cope with the strains of carrying the whole family. The durable Alcantara seat covers can deal with scrapes, spills and scuffs while the six-way adjustable driver’s seat offers you comfort for the journey ahead. Attractive decorative inlays on the dashboard and front door trim come as standard in all models. For an added personal touch, you can opt for the ‘Nappa’ or ‘Vienna’ leather packages to lend your interior an even more sophisticated profile.

Safe and stress-free

Safe and secure

You can opt for either one or two child seats when you pick up your Sharan. The seats are suitable for all children up to three years old and are securely fastened in by ISOFIX connections. The seats not only add comfort for your little ones, but also extra peace of mind for you.

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Choose from 3 models and 11 engines.

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Fleet and company cars

Volkswagen has the one of the widest range of vehicles on the market, so it’s simple for you to find the perfect car for your business.

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Reviews and awards

Read the latest Sharan reviews and awards

First Drive: Volkswagen Sharan

30 June 2015

If you've children to ferry around then a desirable car is one that's practical and sensible. They don't come much more practical and sensible than Volkswagen's updated Sharan. Embrace parenthood, in comfort.

Defeat, or at least an admission that you value usefulness and ease over style and vanity. The Volkswagen Sharan is a wheeled box, a very nice one admittedly, but a useful, practical box that's absolutely perfect for hauling you, your other half and as many as five of your offspring / relations / friends around in. The Sharan has been with us for around 20 years now, and the current one has just been revised. Not that you'd really notice, as the visual revisions are very limited, to new taillights and the like, while the interior gets some new connectivity and the engines greater economy and improved emissions.

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