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A Volkswagen Touareg parked on the beach.

48hr test drive

Yours for 48 hours

Book a 48-hour test drive and experience everything the Touareg has to offer. Once you’ve got the keys, how you use the time is entirely up to you.

Yours for 48 hours

Where will your adventure take you?

There’s plenty to look forward to

There’s so much to discover and fall in love with on your 48-hour Touareg test drive. The only problem is, you might find giving it back quite difficult.

  • The inteior of a Volkswagen Touareg
    The inteior of a Volkswagen Touareg

Feel the quality, space and comfort.  

  • The inteior of a Volkswagen Touareg
    The inteior of a Volkswagen Touareg

Your 48-hour test drive is a perfect opportunity to experience the Touareg’s 4-zone air conditioning, which allows all your passengers to find their perfect temperature. It’s also a good excuse to treat yourself to a well-deserved massage courtesy of the heated driver’s seat. You’ll even have enough time to try out all 30 ambient lighting colours.

Style, redefined

Clean contours, dynamic proportions and assertive confidence. The new Touareg is bold and beautiful. 

Discover the beauty within

Each interior option has been carefully crafted to deliver total comfort for you and your passengers. The trim is coupled with the natural tones of “Vienna” leather. As an alternative, you can opt for the sumptuous two-tone “Savona” leather seats. As an extra decadent touch, ergoComfort seats can be added to provide supreme lumbar support.

A supremely confident drive

Six distinct ways to drive

Don’t let the new Touareg’s exterior beauty fool you; at its heart lies a rugged all-terrain vehicle. Cutting-edge 4MOTION technology powers each wheel independently. This means you’ll get traction even if not all wheels are touching the ground. Six distinct driving modes control features such as accelerator sensitivity and gear changing, so you’ll never be left wanting when the going gets tough. Two further optional driving modes, “Gravel” and “Sand”, can be included to open up the map even further.