The special model Golf R “20 Years” and the predecessor model Golf R32 stand in a car park by the sea

The new Golf R “20 Years”

Excitement never gets old

Volkswagen R is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Golf R with an exceptional special-edition model. Some things cannot be expressed in words. The Golf R is one of them. It stands for driving pleasure for which there is no vocabulary. The world of emotions takes over when the R-button is pressed. It is then time to feel the R.

The VWR Golf R “20 Years” in blue drives down a street

Feel it to believe it

The anniversary edition sets new power records with its performance values: 245 kW (333 PS).

Three VWR Golf models standing in a car park

The R in Evolution

The Golf R has been part of the Volkswagen model range since 2002. The 20th anniversary is being celebrated with an exclusive special-edition model.

The interior of the R-special model for VWR 20th anniversary


The R is exciting and is a genuine eye-catcher with features such as high-quality decorative trim in Genuine Carbon.


Feel the indescribable

The power of the new Golf R “20 Years” is already effectively placed centre stage when the vehicle is started. For even more R-feeling, the driver can select an engine start with higher engine speeds of up to 2,500 rpm. This is accompanied by an especially distinctive drive sound. When driving in manual mode, the DSG provides noticeable feedback from the gearbox when shifting up.

The engine responsiveness has been improved by turbocharger preloading and an open throttle valve in overrun phases. This permits faster power development when accelerating, and the Golf R “20 Years” can be driven even more dynamically as a result.


Visibly ahead

When getting into the vehicle, drivers are welcomed by an elegant “20 R” projection. The Golf R “20 Years” also stands out clearly thanks to its “20” badge, blue design accents and contrasting exterior mirror housings and wheel rims in black or black-blue depending on the exterior colour. For the first time, the special-edition model is equipped as standard with roof spoiler and 19-inch alloy wheels in “Estoril“ design.

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