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ID. Over-the-Air update

Experience the future today 

With regular Over-the-Air updates, the Volkswagen ID. models can benefit from the latest digital developments even after they have been purchased. Features and improvements can be installed "Over-the-Air" without having to visit your local retailer. You can find out exactly how this works here. 

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Over-the-Air updates are downloaded in the background via the vehicle's mobile phone access while driving. As soon as an update is available, a notification will be available in the infotainment system and your ID. will guide you through the installation steps. While your vehicle is parked, the complete installation takes place and the next time you start you can enjoy the new and improved features. Please note there is further information in the digital vehicle manual. 

Please note: In addition to ID. software updates, we also provide updates for pre-installed system in-car applications. These applications are not linked to the Over-the-Air ID. software updates and can be installed separately. In some cases, the latest ID. software version may be required. 

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    Are you still missing the ID. software 2.1 update?

    Then make an appointment now with your Volkswagen Retailer. The ID. software 2.1 is a prerequisite for the online update ID. software 2.3 and future updates. Find more information, contents and FAQs here.

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    ID. software 2.4 update

    Find out more about the latest ID. software 2.4 and benefit from the advantages of a new 12 volt battery by making an appointment directly with your Volkswagen Retailer.

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Requirements for the online update

We listened to you. With the help of feedback from you, we put together a comprehensive software update, the version ID. software 2.3. For the first time, it can now also be installed Over-the-Air.


  • The requirements for Over-the-Air updates are the installation of the ID. software 2.1 on your vehicle and an existing We Connect Start contract*.
  • The features available after the update depend on the market, model year and optional equipment and can vary.
  • The installation of ID. software 2.3 is a requirement for receiving further updates.
  • Some software updates are not available as Over-the-Air updates and need to be carried out at a Volkswagen Retailer.

* If you have not yet received the  ID. software 2.1 update, please contact your Volkswagen Retailer.

You also need an active We Connect Start contract, which you can use free of charge for the first three years of the vehicle and which brings numerous advantages to everyday life, for example pre-air conditioning of the vehicle or the display of the charge status.

You haven't activated We Connect Start?

You can find out more about the service and registration here.

What is included in the update? 

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The ID. software 2.3 update consists of two parts. During the first software update, the advanced main-beam control as well as the driver assist systems will be improved. For vehicles with head-up displays, the interaction between hardware and software is optimised. Alongside further improvements in performance and stability, the second software update includes new functions for the ID. Light as well as design adjustments within the infotainment system. 

When will the update happen? 

You have already received or will receive an email (starting from 15 October 2021) in which you can agree to download the Over-the-Air ID.Software 2.3 update. Please check the inbox of the email address that you have stored in your Volkswagen ID. Please do not read the email while driving. After you have given your consent, it may take a few weeks for your ID. to receive the update, as we will roll out the software successively. Please make sure your ID. has a stable network connection before and while driving.

As soon as a software package is fully downloaded and ready for installation, the message "System update available" will appear in the Infotainment display. 

How to perform the update 

Video tutorial*: Over-the-Air update


Note: If you have already installed the We Connect ID. app and you have a valid We Connect Start contract, you can skip the first steps and start with step 4.

1. Download We Connect ID. app for your smartphone free of charge. Depending on your operating system, you will find the We Connect ID. app for Android or for iOS in the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Go to App StoreOpens an external link

Go to Play StoreOpens an external link

2. Log in to the app with your Volkswagen ID and add your vehicle.

3. Activate your We Connect Start contract. To do this, follow the instructions displayed in the app.

4. Available updates are automatically downloaded while driving if your ID. is in online mode.

5. When you have finished driving, select the available update. Details about the content of the updated can be found in "More Information".

6. During the installation of the Over-the-Air update, your ID. cannot be charged. Therefore, please ensure a minimum charge status of 50% and then remove the charging plug. Now start the update installation. This can take some time depending on the size of the update. Your ID. shows you in the infotainment system, before starting the installation, whether further conditions have to be fulfilled (e.g. close window). The update begins after leaving and locking the vehicle.

7. During the installation of the updates, you will not be able to use or charge your ID.

8. At the end of the installation your ID. establishes an internet connection.

You now benefit from new and improved features.

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Safety notes for the update 

During the process of updating the front camera for driver assist systems, the camera-based driver assistance systems (e.g. Lane Assist, Travel Assist, ...) are not available for safety reasons from the start of the download to the completion of the installation. Your ID. indicates this by warnings and symbols in the ID. display. Technically, the condition is comparable to "snow on the camera", which you may have already experienced. The driving safety of your ID. is therefore maintained. After successful installation of the software update, the range of features of the driver assistance systems will be available again and optimised. We will send you an e-mail in which you can agree to receive the update. Please check the inbox of the e-mail address that you have stored in your Volkswagen ID. Please do not perform the confirmation while driving

Downloaded, but not installed? This is how the installation works

In this video learn how the first Over-the-Air update for the ID. Family, ID. Software 2.3, can be installed. You will also receive tips on how to avoid common installation errors.


FAQ - Over-the-Air software updates

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