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The Golf you have come to know and love - but now bigger and more versatile than ever before, with a dynamic silhouette and elegantly elongated bonnet.

A red Volkswagen Golf SV driving on a lit cobbled street, bistros and a pedestrian walking their dog in the background.
The new Volkswagen Golf SV

Design and interior

Drive beautifully.

Open up the space

Whether it's sunny or cloudy, you can bask in a vehicle interior flooded in natural light. The optional tilting and sliding panoramic sunroof lets you make the most of sunny days.


The new Golf SV provides ample space for the whole family and plenty of luggage. What's more, thanks to the raised seating position, you also enjoy improved visibility when driving and you can get in and out more conveniently.

Room to relax

The interior of the new Golf SV reveals its true spaciousness. Prepare to be astounded by smart solutions that offer outstanding storage space, such as the flexible rear seat bench.

Driver assistance

Feel relaxed, thanks to technology that thinks with you. Intelligent driver assistance systems in the new Golf SV provide added driving comfort, while helping you to tackle or even avoid critical situations within the limits of the system.

Help when you're in a jam

Keep calm in tricky situations. Optional Traffic Jam Assist takes the pressure off you when traffic comes to a standstill. Within the limits of the system, it accelerates, brakes and keeps the vehicle in lane.

Golf SV trims

Help me choose

A couple entering a country hotel at night, walking away front their red Volkswagen Golf SV.

Perfect match

A simple tool to help you find your perfect Volkswagen

A couple dining alfresco, a red Volkswagen Golf SV is visible in the background..

Still unsure which Golf SV you need?

Choose from 3 models and 10 engines.

Fleet and company cars

Interior shot of the Volkswagon Golf SV dash board and steering wheel

Fleet and company cars

Volkswagen has the one of the widest range of vehicles on the market, so it’s simple for you to find the perfect car for your business.

A red Volkswagen Golf SV driving on a lit cobbled street, bistros and a pedestrian walking their dog in the background.

Company car tax calculator

Helping you run a cost-effective fleet.

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